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Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.12.2012. | 10:49

I am sure you might have noticed that when you purchase certain electronic products or gadgets they have a strange few letters, graphics or markings printed somewhere on them. A common one is the CE marking, which actually has a meaning. It means Conformité Européenne and is the standard set by the European Union; therefore all products manufactured, sold within the 27 member European Union or imported into the EU must carry this mark. If you are not one for languages the literal translation is European Conformity. You may also find four digits next to the CE stamp; this is identifying the third party tester as companies cannot test their own products.

Another common marking is the CCC marking. This comes from the land that loves the letter C; China. CCC or China Compulsory Certificate is the standard set by China for many products that are manufactured, sold within China or imported to China. To learn more please visit Gizmodo

At Chinavasion we ensure that all our products meet the criteria and standard for selling electronic products and gadgets without any risks. All our products go through strict quality inspection after arriving from the factory and before being sent to the warehouse to be stored and sold. Chinvasion has the latest electronic products with no exception on quality or safety standards at great wholesale prices.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.12.2012. | 10:49
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  1. Marek November 21, 06:40

    Is Smartphone zopo c2 platinum is CE certified and declaration of conformity? If so, where can I get this?

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