Resellers, Sales Slipping? Hit The BRIC With These EBay Alternatives

Author xlxmarketing 4.3.2009. | 14:37

If you are selling electronics to the developed world you might have noticed a downturn in the number of sales you are getting has been leveling off, if not falling off slightly.

You would had have to been living in an extremely deep cave for the last 12 months not to know that the world is going through a recession with US and EU citizens being hit hardest by the current global climate.

While ecommerce operators should be a little insulated from the shock, having smaller overheads than people operating a bricks and mortar store there is still a lot to be said for diversifying into other regions and taking advantage of new customers.

Four countries in particular can’t be ignored. Brazil, Russia, India and China … four locations which have used their human and natural resources to position themselves in such a way that they could come out of this recession if not unscathed, then at the very least just lightly bruised.

This change in fortune has increased the level of consumption in each of these countries to the point where it has taken over developed countries at some points.

Developing countries, like Brazil, India and China have taken over the Western world in the consumption of unlocked cell phones like Chinavasion’s range of cell phones.

So what does it mean for you as a reseller? A great deal, especially when considering that people from these countries tend to spend a lot of their times online and are more frequent ecommerce customers as a result.

So when it comes to selling online in different countries knowing which eBay alternatives to put your efforts into can really pay off when it comes to pulling in new markets.

So what online auction sites and eBay alternatives can you find in Brazil, Russia, India and China?


The home of BBQ and beach volleyball. Brazil is one of the few countries that is actually export more to China than the other way around.

Ecommerce is a growing force in Brazil but logistical and infrastructure issues make international sites like eBay or overstock not an option in the region.

Anybody trying to get into this market will have to know Portuguese to make a listing and deal with inquiries.

eBay doesn’t even have a door in this market leaving everything to it’s partner Mercado Libre and it’s subsidiary Arremate.


Russians have flocked online as a way to avoid taxes, and the tax man is only just now catching up.

As with Brazil, you’re going to need to know Russian before you approach this market on your own or at least know someone with a handle on the Cyrillic alphabet.

eBay doesn’t even make the top 100 sites according to Alexa (, meaning that eBay alternatives are a way of life there.

Two popular online auction portals and ecommerce sites are Ozon ( and Molotok ( (which is part of the Europe-wide QXL group)


India has become the superpower of outsourcing and, as a result many people are living their lives online and doing much of their shopping there as well.

This makes them very attractive for resellers and online vendors.

What makes India more attractive is that, as English is very much the lingua franca there which makes selling especially easy as you don’t have to worry about language barriers.

The local Indian eBay ( site and auction ( and shopping ( arms of the Rediff portal seem to gather a lot of traffic but classified sites and eBay alternatives like ClickIndia ( seem to be gaining traction.

Best of all they’re cheaper if not free.

ClickIndia ( a classified site that has a gained a lot of traffic, many listings and doesn’t cost a rupee to list on.


With what might be the most cell phones per head of population and largest number of people on the internet anywhere China is becoming a very strong market to get into.

You’re going to have to be on the ball with your Chinese, as it is the only language used online, especially in ecommerce forums and sites you might want to check out include Taobao, Eachnet and PaiPai.

By expanding your customer base you can future proof yourself against further drops in the developed world.

Let your fingers do the walking right now and discover some of these sites and turn your ecommerce business into one that is truly global and profitable.

Author xlxmarketing 4.3.2009. | 14:37
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  1. India November 6, 19:53

    The Indian auctions are really very perspective for sellers, considering their huge popularity.

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