Security at Hotels Fails Against Burglars and Their Tactics

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.12.2012. | 17:41

By Samuel

You’ve arrived at your hotel after a long and tedious journey. You open your bags and unpack your computer and check the e-mail your boss has sent and you think “Stuff it, I’m hungry, I’ll answer it after I’ve eaten”. You leave your hotel room and pay a fortune for a taxi to the nearest greasy joint (and the driver still gets lost) and you then eat some mediocre food with fancy French cuisine prices. After arriving back at the hotel you enter your hotel room to notice that something seems different, something seems wrong. Your stuff! All your clothes have been thrown around the room but your laptop has been taken with all your work, photos, documents presentations etc. What to do? You inform reception and they check endless amounts of footage and notice a guy breaking into your room and leaving very casually with your laptop bag knowing your laptop is inside. The hotel explains they will inform the police of this incident while you find it unbelievable a top hotel has failed on its safety, what other ways possibly could have prevented this or prevent it from happening again? Burglars are getting smarter but that doesn’t mean you cannot either.

At Chinavasion, they have an extensive range of security products sold at wholesale price that can join you on trips away from home. One of them is the ‘Portable Security Box’ that requires fingerprints to open and reveal its contents. ‘Portable Security Box’ utilizes cutting-edge fingerprint biometric lock technology and is perfect for keeping things like expensive jewelry, firearms, important documents, and other valuables inside. “Anyone can just take the box” someone is probably thinking, but with the security tie the ‘Portable Security Box’ can be connected to a solid object making it even more difficult to be taken.


The recent incident at the Hyatt in Texas has caused a stirred with a man entering the 5 star hotel resort and simply breaking into people’s hotel rooms and helping himself to their valuables. Even a 5 star hotel is not completely safe proof but can help hotel managers and security improve their surveillance and other all monitoring to prevent similar activities. Chinavasion has an extensive list of security DVR surveillance equipment

Chinavasions’ DVR range is extensive and comes in many shapes, designs and sizes. The 4 Camera Surveillance System ‘SecureONE’ is a great system as it comes with a complete set of 4 cameras as well as the DVR for a good start up. The SecurONE records video feeds using the H.264 MPEG-4 compression standard. “Why is this important?” I hear someone say; well the H.264 offers the best video quality possible while maintaining the smallest file size possible. This is important because you’ll be running your security cameras day and night and that’s a lot of captured video. Not only does the SecurONE allow you to save surveillance feeds directly to a network or USB drive, it also comes with an internal drive for the most efficient method of video feed archiving. This can be installed at home, office, and factory or even at a hotel (Take note hotel managers). Click the link and see more features of the ‘SecureONE’ 4 Camera Surveillance System.


4 Camera Surveillance System   4 Camera Surveillance System “SecureONE”- 4 Dome Cameras, H264 DVR, 500GB


Guest or Manager at a hotel, then has something for somebody at a great wholesale price.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.12.2012. | 17:41
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