The Newbie’s Guide to Rooting

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.11.2012. | 17:27

Note: Rooting your device will void the 12 months warranty offered by Chinavasion.

What is rooting?
Rooting your device is the process of gaining full control (admin control) of you device and thus allowing ‘root access’ or ‘superuser’ permissions. By exploiting a security weakness on a device, you’ll be able to gain access to executable permissions that are not otherwise there on a non-rooted device. Once your device is rooted, you will have complete control of your device and be able to perform additional tasks that will truly make your device your own.
Why should you root your device you ask? There are many different reasons, some people want to be able to activate tethering, others want to get rid of the carrier ‘bloat’ that has been preloaded on the phone to have more storage space. By rooting your phone you will have to ability remove every file or program installed on your phone. Sounds great doesn’t it? But before you continue, you should be aware of some risks.

What are the risks of rooting?
Aside from completely voiding your warranty, you could seriously mess up your phone – like to the point where you’ve made it into a glorified paperweight. That’s the big risk. But it but it’s kind of those lines of risks that have to be pointed out like all the risks that go along with taking medicine. Also, keep in mind that the methods you are going to use to root your device have been done numerous times before, by countless other.
Not much technical knowledge is required to root your phone. Some basic computer knowledge will get you there. In a matter of 15 minutes you could be rooted without any prior knowledge of how to root your device. It’s literally that easy, for the most part. But make sure to do enough research before you start rooting. Make a lot of research! Rooting has come a long way since the first Android Smartphone, and the rooting of a device itself usually only takes a few minutes once some homework on the user’s part is done.

Things to consider and/or to do before rooting
So now you know what rooting is, what the benefits are and what the risks are, there is quite some work ahead!
Google is your best friend here. Search for your phone’s model on Google, read reputable forums, do some research and read some more. When the info you read on different sites starts to sound repetitive, you’ll know that you’ll be ready. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure to ask questions to the Android community when in doubt.

Yay! I’m rooted. Now what?
Create a back up! Most devices will have a modified recovery system upon root, so you should try to get familiar with it. Test your back up, and if that loads properly, proceed to have fun! Also keep in mind that previously made backups (before you were rooted) will not work anymore. Remember not to be in a hurry with what you do once your phone is rooted. One mistake and your phone might not work properly anymore. There are many benefits of rooting, but if it’s not worth the risk then you obviously shouldn’t do it.

Good luck and happy rooting!


Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.11.2012. | 17:27
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