Bluetooth Headset Is A Wireless Productivity-Boosting Wonder

Author xlxmarketing 27.2.2009. | 10:29

Here’s a new bluetooth headset that is ‘equally at home with a computer and cell phone’ and would make you the envy of anybody who has ever worked at a call center.

The bluetooth headset at a glance:


Comfortable Bluetooth Headset with High Response Boom Mic [CVEC-B02]

  • Who would buy this product: Gamers, people who spend a lot of time on their cell phones and anyone who does a lot of work over Skype or some other VOIP technology but wants to move around. who has to talk needs this. So that’s everybody.
  • What eBay keywords can I use: VOIP headphone, skype headset, gamer headset, call center, bluetooth, bluetooth accessory, bluetooth headset, bluetooth headphone, wireless headphone, computer headphone, computer accessory
  • How much will it cost: US$15.13(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

Bluetooth headsets are great. But up to now, although they freed up your hands, they added no value to the conversation quality. People have to keep repeating themselves, or the headset keeps falling off.

Focusing on comfort with a 225 degree swivel microphone, this Bluetooth headset allows for positioning the mic up to your mouth for crystal clear talking!

As it’s bluetooth there’s no risk of ripping the chord out of the computer when you go to do another job making it one of the most practical, comfortable VOIP headsets you’ll see on the market.

And at under US$20 for one it comes at a great price for resellers and bargain hunters alike.

Author xlxmarketing 27.2.2009. | 10:29
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