Solving The Shipping Cost Mystery, The No Risk Method To Work Out Shipping On Chinavasion

Author xlxmarketing 26.2.2009. | 17:32
shipping costs

If someone is importing an item from a China wholesale company, or any location overseas they want to know two things

How much will it cost and how will it cost to ship.

We know, it’s one of the most common FAQ we get asked.

Here’s a pictorial guide on how to quickly and safely check the shipping price of the item you are interested in buying for yourself or shipping overseas without risk of inadvertently paying for the item:

Step 1

log in to your account


Step 2

Select your favorite product and choose the quantity as follows.


If you know exactly what you want and just want to order it then you will be able to put it in your cart directly from the category listing:

add to checkout via category step 1

add to checkout via category step 2

add to checkout via category step 3

Step 3

Place the order here, proceed to checkout


If you’ve ordered from the category page you should just press on the ‘proceed to checkout’ button at the top of the page:

go to checkout button location copy

Step 4

Select the address and shipping method

Make sure the address is the one you need to send the item book by selecting either change shipping address or change courier

checkout_total_screen select shipping address

If you want to change the shipping address you can just click on the button above and select the right one from your Chinavasion address book


Or adding in another by filling out this simple form:


Double-check the address by clicking on the handy Google Maps widget to the right of the screen.

checkout_total_screen select courier option

Now you can select your preferred shipping option. By clicking on change courier you should see a range of shipping options which have been custom fit to your location.

checkout shipping options

Chinavasion’s new checkout makes it possible for you to change the number of items in your order, the method of shipment and the address you want to ship them to and see the changes instantly.

And, if there’s something in your cart that you don’t want there you can always delete it.

Following this method you will be able to find out the shipping costs of items without even paying a dime.

Even if you make the mistake of confirming the order you don’t need to worry. We don’t process orders we haven’t received payment for and if you want to make absolutely sure you can let us know and we’ll cancel it for you.

Author xlxmarketing 26.2.2009. | 17:32
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  1. CHARLES NEBURAGHO March 8, 01:07

    I place orders on behalf of Cotombu-Nebs Limited.
    How do I sign on as a company?

  2. DCAB April 22, 10:10

    I agree with Sly Jones. We drop-shippers definitely need an API and make it easy for both our clients and us resellers. I really hope too see this one very soon.

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