Digital Black Friday

Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.11.2012. | 11:33

By Samuel

black friday

It is the day after Thanksgiving and people are resting with a belly full of Turkey around the fire with some special Thanksgiving program. This is the traditional imagine of Thanksgiving in the US. Recently thought after stuffing their face with Turkey some people will go out late at night and find the big shopping stall and wait by the entrance in anticipation for Black Friday. Black Friday is the day of reckoning; well you would think that judging how the people react trying to be first to get into the stalls. Crushing children, attacking the old, leaving the weak to suffer, only the strong prevail; all to buy some product on sale. There are plenty of deals and everyone is taking advantage but is it worth going out in the freezing cold weather to stand for hours and then be almost physically assaulted by someone who is trying to grab the same bargain as you? The solution these days is ordering your products via the internet; unlike most stores that only have offers once or twice a year, the internet has constant deals daily.

People may argue that they might need to try on the clothing to see if they fit, for that I agree. However, when it comes to digital products, most size fits all. Digital Black Friday is another term used to try and encourage the sales of electronic products but why wait for one day of the year when online at you can take your time and browse without the worry of a person you thought was a friend brutally attacking you to grab the last mobile phone on offer.

Chinavasion is a online wholesale service that provides great offers on electronic products daily and have plenty to sell from our warehouses. Wake up this Black Friday, turn the heating on, pour yourself a cup of coffee, turn the news on and browse the while listening to the anarchy is that is happening in the high streets all for the same stuff you can buy online. Some people will argue that “Well I will have to wait for the product to be delivered!”, which is a good argument but with Chinavasion, the product is dispatched within 24 hours and using DHL or UPS is delivered all over the world in a matter of days. According to Fox News, they say people are encourage to pulse buy due to the person’s original intension to buy products has been already purchased and now none are available, therefore they feel they have made a wasted effort. At least with Chinavasion, while online shopping you can check before making the purchase and can rest assure that the product will be delivered and it great condition. Quality may be a concern for customers but Chinavasion has in-house quality control team to guarantee the product reaches the standards to satisfy you as well as a 12 month warranty to show our loyalty to the product. So this new years don’t be stressed out like the Turkeys on the farm, log on to Chinavasion and we will help with you make Black Friday bearable.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.11.2012. | 11:33
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