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Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.11.2012. | 16:14

When iPhone5 was announced all the news was about the Apple Corporation and the new iPhone. More than a month after the launch date, millions of iPhones have been sold.

ReevooMark is a review website that lists positive and negative feedbacks posted by confirmed customers.

In this post we are going to go through the most frequent issues, complaints from iPhone owners, and check what the situation on the “other side” is.


Battery life is a little disappointing. Accessories are a bit pricey. – Gemma, Oxford

Battery life is shocking, apple definitely need to improve in this as my phone is on charge every couple of hours! – Aimee

Almost every other review entry is about poor battery life. Nowadays, short battery life is not an uncommon issue. The large touchscreen, 3G network, cellular data traffic, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS requires and uses a lot of power. Since battery in the iPhone is built-in, the only option is to carry the charger everywhere.  Generally in Android phones the battery is replaceable; what is more, our Android phones come with an extra spare battery so that a simple swap of the battery can address the power issue. Some models come with a free protective case, a screen protector or other accessories. Check Android 4.0 Phone ”Horizon” specification and package contents.



Less choice of free apps in App store as compared to Android and Windows market – Confirmed purchaser


As the chart above shows, approximately 66% of apps in the Android play store are free, while in app store only ~34% of the apps are free. More than 95% of paid apps in the Android Market cost less than $10. Most Android Market apps are priced at $2.99 or less (73%). Source: Looout Mobile Security, App Genome Report


There could have been more updated things including the home screens look and more new features. – Mark

No different than iPhone 3. Needs to move on. – Daniel, Riccall

These statements are not entirely true, but if you think about.  The comments by Mark and Daniel are correct. Apple has found a good design and built a standard with the iOS user interface, but there was no major update on this field since the 1st iPhone appeared. As Dan Lyons said: “Apple is now boring”. Android OS is developing rapidly. Beside the new features the user interface is also updated, it’s more user friendly. Check out Android 4.0 phones like Android 4.0 Dual Core Phone “Sublime”  Phones with 4.1 and 4.2 OS coming soon.



Map service needs improved  – matthew Bushey

With the latest iOS, Apple have decided to eliminate Google Maps and has introduced its own map app. It turned out that it was a bad decision. The app was not ready, full of bugs and mistakes. See pictures and details about Apple maps app here. Now there are several alternative apps. Recently Nokia released a map software called ‘Here’ and Google has an iOS 6 Maps app awaiting approval. Android phones like Genuine ThL Brand W3+ Android 4.0 still come with its default well known maps and navigation apps.



Having to mess about synching with iTunes. – Richard Wakefield

Like all Apple “iGadgets” the new iPhone 5 also should be used with iTunes computer software. All data transfer, syncing, app installation, etc is done through iTunes. Androids are not locked to any client software. They can be connected to a computer as a mass storage drive, just like a flash drive.



It’s small compared to other new phones on the market like the Samsung s3 – David, Grantham

Not as many features as some other phones;  Overpriced considering it’s no different to other top of the range phones – Joanne, Watford

iPhone is made by Apple only. There is only one standard iPhone. If it’s not what you wanted, you’ll have to wait a year for the next generation Apple phone. On the Android side it’s much different. There are many manufacturers and hundreds of Android phones on offer. The customer has the freedom to choose a phone according to his requirements. There are affordable, small, large touchscreen phones, tablet sized, based on different hardware from low performance up to extreme power house smartphones.

6” Screen Android Phone: Android 4.0 3G Phone “Squire”

4.5” Screen Android Phone: 3G Android 4.0 Phone “Snowstorm”

3.5” Small Screen Budget Android Phone: Genuine ThL Brand A1 Android 4.0 Phone



Bluetooth still locked to other apple devices only. – Scott Hastings

Battery could be better, new charging port makes old apple accessories non useable without buying an adapter – Andrew, Sunderland

It’s great that all Apple devices are compatible with each other, but what’s the situation with 3rd party devices? Sometimes it could be troublesome to connect the iPhone to a non Apple accessory. On the other hand the iPhone 5 comes with a new standard charging/data port called ‘lighting’. It makes the new iPhone incompatible with older docks and cables (unless you buy an adapter, however in some cases the adapter cannot be connected or does not work the same way as the “old port”).



All apps need to be updated to fit the whole screen as they were made for the smaller screen iPhones – Dean, Southampton

Many apps are still not optimized for iPhone 5 so kind of defeats object of having it. – David, UK

The new model’s larger touchscreen makes many apps look weird. The apps were developed for smaller screen, so they do not appear on full screen. Similar issues on Androids may happen because of the large number of different models. Since this fragmentation is known most Android apps are developed to fit different screen size.



The differences between this and the iphone 4 arent worth the difference in cost. – Paula Selby

The price is way too much for even the lowest memory version and it just goes up and up with the more memory you chose so come on apple I know business has to be done but considering almost all of your products are made in China for far less than you charge for them I think you could lower your price lists and still make a more than comfortable profit – Christopher

The iPhone seems to be overpriced if you check the specification and the prices compared to Android phones. Compared to non-branded direct wholesale prices the difference is huge. Take a look at this product list, check the price tags.


This post is not supposed to blame the Apple Corporation or iPhone. It investigates the negative feedbacks and compares to other platform features. On the ReevooMark review website iPhone received 8.6 out of 10 points in total.

As Ben Bajarin wrote in “iPhone vs Android: So what?” article in TIME magazine: What is the best is a fundamentally subjective statement. What is the best product for me may not be the best product for you. What is the best for my grandma may not be what the best is for my daughter. What is the best is defined by me and what is important to me according to my personal preferences.

It all comes down to what you value, and your consuming mentality will revolve around those values and those preferences. Not everyone values the same things.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.11.2012. | 16:14
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