Scrap EBay And Lift Sales With Four-Step Plan To Finding EBay Alternatives

Author xlxmarketing 23.2.2009. | 21:39

Looking for an alternative to eBay makes sense for any reseller or online vendor worried about putting all of their listing eggs in one basket.

The online retail community is no longer the one-horse town that it used to be.

Shoppers are flocking online and resellers looking to market their online shop, or searching for places to list their products do not have to rely on one giant (eBay) and a handful of other online auction sites and ecommerce portals.

There are a whole host of eBay alternatives out there now with multiple points of difference and varying buyer bases that are looking for resellers to list products on their sites.

EBay isn’t the only well-known game in town any more and you don’t have to look far to find lists of alternatives to eBay. Hell, even Chinavasion has chanced its arm at putting out an eBay alternatives list.

There are also four simple questions to ask when selecting which sites will bring in the sales and increase exposure for your online store and which sites will cut into your time, money, custom and online credibility.

Your Ideal EBay Alternative Should…

  • A Deal with the items you are interested in selling to the people you want to sell to
  • B Have the volume to justify the time and money you need to put into listing there
  • C Have fees and payment methods that are acceptable for you and your customers
  • D Have a good reputation on forums, consumer reports and review sites

The first question you need to ask yourself when considering whether to list on a site or not is the market it caters to and the items it has listed.

Some auction sites specialize in particular types of merchandise, while others offer a wide range of categories. Some cater to people who come from a particular country, speak a particular language or have a particular interest.

There is little point spending the time listing your item in that particular site if the people who want it won’t be looking there.

Mercado Libre and TradeMe are the biggest thing going in their respective regions, but a New Zealander would probably get little joy selling on Mercado Libre

The next thing to ask yourself is how many buyers will there be to sell to.

A sites page rank and Alexa rating can sometimes give you an indication of the number of people buying from a site but, often the best way to decide if a site is worth listing on or not is to take a look at the listings themselves.

Go onto the site and see how many listings there are for under the category you want to list under. Then go into those listings and see if they are getting bids.

Don’t expect too many orders from this site at the time being

If there are few listings and the listings aren’t being bid on you have come across a ghost town and it is probably best to move along to a site with a little more activity.

The third question you need to ask about the eBay alternative you are considering using is how much they will charge you and your customers.

It is a no-brainer that the cost of listing the item and finalising the sale won’t be so high that it makes it unprofitable to list the item on the site but you should also take into account the cost and the ease of the sale for the customer as well.

Examine the payment methods, joining fees, listing fees, commission and purchasing fees of each site to make sure the online auction site or classified site is one you want to list items on.

Finding the fees can be as easy as following the link on the front page, or may require digging but is an essential step to take when finding an eBay alternative

Comparing the fees is also an essential part of this stage and could be the deal breaker of choosing one site over the other.

The final question you need to ask of sites is whether or not they are likely to take you for a ride and whether resellers and customers trust them.

There is a multitude of forum and review sites out there to choose from and it won’t take long for you to figure out whether or not they are a worthwhile location to list on.

Sites like powersellers, wholesale forums and powersellers may even give you some hints on how to list items and sell on the site in question.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling the latest in wholesale electronics from Chinavasion, dropship the hottest unlocked phones or sell some other product.

Spreading your listings is a necessary step in this day and age and checking out sites you want to list items on is a good way of prospering.

Check out Chinavasion’s eBay alternatives now and find the online auction or listing site that suits your purposes and lift sales while waving goodbye to eBay.

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Author xlxmarketing 23.2.2009. | 21:39
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