Steel Watch MP4 Player, A MP4 Watch With Serious Geek Appeal

Author xlxmarketing 6.2.2009. | 14:11

Made especially for X chromosomes. The thinking man’s guy loves digital watches right? Well with a steel case, digital display and 8GB of memory this steel MP4 watch will have the hardest-bitten X chromosomes grunting in approval.

The excalibur steel edition 8GB MP4 watch at a glance:


MP4 Watch With 1.8 Inch LCD – 8GB Excalibur Steel Edition [CVSR-1901-8GB]

  • Who would buy this product: Students, fathers, Someone in the IT department that likes their digital watch to come with a dash of metal, a touch of MP4 and a pinch of flash memory.
  • What eBay keywords can I use: MP4 player watch, MP4 player, 8GB MP4, digital watch, MP4 watch, mens MP4 watch, men’s watch, metallic MP4 watch, wrist watch, MP3 watch, MP3 player watch, Steel MP4 watch, steel watch, stainless steel watch, memory watch
  • How much will it cost: US$69.38(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

The MP4 player watch has been around for a while and has not taken off as some people picked it would.

Nobody is quite sure why as there are no shortage of MP4 watch models out there to choose from… mostly in plastic with the odd leather-strapped GQ entry to go with the collection.

Perhaps the reason could be the lack of a true mens MP4 watch. Something that takes the concept that Tim The Toolman Taylor must have voiced at some stage in his life… everything looks better in stainless steel.

In short a MP4 player encased in a steel watch.

Wholesale electronics company Chinavasion has taken the gauntlet with a stainless steel watch with an 8GB MP4 hidden inside.

Hidden wouldn’t be the best term to describe this MP4, the metallic MP4 watch is pretty chunky by most standards. But, just as you wouldn’t call a rugby/gridiron player ugly, you can’t say this mens MP4 watch is without charm.

The men’s watch has so much masculinity it would probably need a shave every few days.

The innards and specs of this wrist watch are able to match the tough exterior. It’s hiding 8GB of flash memory (that’s more than enough for most memory watch demands) a digital/still camera and video/MP3 player that would put most MP3 watches to shame.

The MP4 MP3 player watch plays and records in the computer-friendly AVI, WAV, JPEG and MP3 formats and the 1.8 inch screen throws out a very nice picture. And it shows the time in the manly digital format.

If you’re looking to buy a MP4 for an online wrist watch store or consumer electronics business this could definitely be a good option.

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Author xlxmarketing 6.2.2009. | 14:11
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