DVB Car DVD Means Most Of The World Is OK For DTV Changeover

Author xlxmarketing 5.2.2009. | 13:56

2 DIN DVD has DTV covered. People in the US and the three other ATSC countries might be scratching for car DVD players and MP4s that get them digital television before the February 2009 changeover but at least Europe, Asia and Oceania are covered with some nice car TV DVDs that will play digital TV like this one.

The 2 DIN car DVD player with touchscreen lcd, iPod connection and DVB-T receiver at a glance:


2-DIN Car DVD Player – Touchscreen LCD + IPOD and DVB-T [CVSAU-4317]

  • Who would buy this product: People who live in countries that pick up DVB signals, (Europe, Asia and Oceania) who want a car DVD that will play digital TV.
  • What eBay keywords can I use: car DVD player, DVB car,
    7 inch car DVD player, car TV DVD, double din, 2 din, touch screen car DVD player, 2 DIN touchscreen, DTV, DVD for car, touch screen LCD, DVD player, DVB-T, Digital TV
  • How much will it cost:US$252.50(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

Car DVD players are fast-becoming a common accessory on most modern cars these days and most, if not all include some sort of TV function. However, many of the TV players tied into the car DVD player are analog and are likely to go the way of the dodo in the next five years (or next couple of months in the case of the states).

Thankfully the odd touch screen car DVD player is appearing here and there to change all that and future proof people’s ability to watch TV in their cars (when they’re not driving of course.

Wholesale dropship company Chinavasion has come out with a very nice 2 DIN touchscreen DVD for car with DVB-T access that would suit most vehicles very well… The 2-DIN Car DVD Player

The double DIN car DVD doesn’t only have a DVB-T receiver, meaning it can pick up digital TV in most places around the world, it also has an incredibly intuitive touch screen LCD and wonderfully simple bluetooth function making this DVD player pretty slick for traveling business people.

There’s also a ton of inputs with spaces and ports for your SD card, USB and iPod.

This is definitely one 7 inch car DVD player that you’d want to have in your eBay shop or online ecommerce business.

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Author xlxmarketing 5.2.2009. | 13:56
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