Pet Gadgets To Keep Unruly Pets In Line

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.11.2012. | 17:25

Do you have a cat that has torn your favourite chair to shreds? A dog that won’t stop barking? Or perhaps you’ve got a Guinea Pig that is always beating up your kids.

While one of these three things may not be too much of a problem in the foreseeable future it is true that behaviour issues are often one of the things that pet owners have to deal with on a daily basis. Especially with animals that have just entered the household.

Here are three gadgets that will keep your cat or dog on the straight and narrow with the minimum of fuss while still treating them humanely:

Pet Training Shock Mat

I’ve had more than one cat in my lifetime and two things that I thought I would need to endure forever were pet hair on everything and scratched chair bases.

Snugglepus, my latest, does neither of these things because I’ve put these mats on all my favorite pieces of furniture.

And as it’s a passive form of control rather than an active one there’s no ‘training period’ to go through.

Invisible Dog Fence

Electronic Pet Dog Fencing System

Leaving your dog in a kennel all day when you need to go to work and even leaving tied up to a run can feel cruel. Neighbours often complain because the dog wants to get out so they bark and whine hoping that someone will pay attention to them.

Electronic fences are a great solution to this.

Essentially you lay a wire around your property and mount a special collar on your dog once you have fitted the collar.

You then train the dog so that they understand where the boundaries are, what happens when they try to cross boundaries with a shock collar on and when it is OK to go past those boundaries.

Any time the dog goes past the perimeter you have set out the collar is triggered and the dog is given an electric shock.

You don’t have the high costs of building a dog-proof fence and the dog gets the entire run of your property.

Dog Training Collar

Pet Dog Training Collar

If your dog stays on the property and instead barks excessively, destroys property and plants or shows aggression to other pets, family members or friends then a pet training collar might be an option.

Here the collar is the same but it is instead triggered by a remote control which you carry around.

It has both shock and vibrate functions that allow owners to administer warnings depending on the circumstances and, as with the invisible dog fenceit is best used in conjunction with positive training.

Positive training will be something we can look at at a later date but you should be safe if you follow these three guidelines:

  • Shock collars correct the dog at the exact moment of misbehaviour –There’s no point in using the collar for something they did five minutes ago
  • Don’t use the collar as a punishment – If you get home and find that your pet has done something wrong throughout the day the device won’t help them stop that action. It needs to be done the instant the pet misbehaves and followed up with verbal repercussions
  • Don’t use the collar when you are angry – When you are angry you may be more willing to physically harm the dog or treat it in such a way that it will lose trust and respect for you.
  • A shock collar can be a good way of speeding up training but if you have a highly sensitive animal it may be wise to avoid using it all together.

    There are quite a few electronic training aids out there. Many of them are available in Chinavasion’s comprehensive wholesale pet gadgets range.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.11.2012. | 17:25
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