New Ionic Air Air Purifier Will Also Work As Water Ionizer For Vases

Author xlxmarketing 4.2.2009. | 11:38

Keep everything in the room fresh. Sarcasm isn’t the by-product of this ionic air room air purifier, but vase water free of mosquito larvae is.

The Room Air Purifier Ozone And Ionizer at a glance:

Room Air Purifier Ozone And Ionizer

220v Room Air Purifier Ozone And Ionizer [CVSEQ-A5100-220V]

110v Room Air Purifier Ozone And Ionizer [CVSEQ-A5100-220V]

  • Who would buy this product: People with allergies or asthma who need good air quality. People with a lot of flowers and vases who want to keep water fresh
  • What eBay keywords can I use: ozone air purifier, air purifier, air cleaner, air cleaner purifier, air ionizer, home air purifier, room air purifiers, indoor air quality, ionic breeze air purifier, ionic air, indoor air, ionizer, ionic breeze, water ionizer, climate control, ozone generators, healthcare, purification
  • How much will it cost: $29.88(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

Do you know what’s pleasant smell?

Fresh cut flowers.

Just ask Elton John or Michael Jackson.

You know what’s not? Going into a room with a carpeted or timber floor that hasn’t been used in a while, one with no form of indoor air quality.

In fact it’s the exact opposite.

If you’re an asthma or allergy sufferer it can be a lot worse.
Air conditioners aren’t the answer…

Well they are if the question is what is impossible to set on the right temperature and sends power charges through the roof. But what more people are turning to are electronic devices like an air purifier or air ionizer.

Wholesale dropship company Chinavasion has come out with an ozone air purifier that has quite a few smart features for what has to be a pretty light price.

The room air purifier – ozone and ionizer comes in 110v and 220v models so neat freaks and allergy sufferers in all parts of the world are covered.

Unlike some of the other home air purifiers on the market this air purifier is a little bit smarter with how it cleans the air, the air purifier comes with a timer function which will let you set which time it goes on and the time the air cleaner purifier goes off.

Besides cleaning the indoor air this ionic breeze air purifier is also a water ionizer which will make sure vase water stays nice and fresh, preventing mosquitoes and other nasty bugs from breeding in there. That’s not bad for an ionizer that people only thought was good for providing an ionic breeze.

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Author xlxmarketing 4.2.2009. | 11:38
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  1. geert1948 February 13, 10:32

    In my opinion it is a splendid product, ozon and ionizer in one. I just love the smell of
    ozon, i do not why. I love purified water , it is so much softer. I love ionized air, it feels good
    like morning dew.

  2. Wilbur Henson February 20, 13:34

    Sounds good!

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