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The Year Of The Ox Starts With A Bang

The remnants of fireworks set off during Chinese Spring Festival in Shanghai (photograph by Julien & Gwladys [flickr.com/photos/juliengwladys/3228428428/] source Shanghaiist [shanghaiist.com/2009/01/29/photo_of_the_day_aftermath.php])

The year of the Ox (english.peopledaily.com.cn/90001/90776/90882/6567323.html) finally kicked off in earnest today as people all through China arrived back at work after a holiday that wasn’t without its fireworks.

Chinavasion was amongst the businesses that opened today with members of the Chinavasion team returning back from home towns scattered all through China to the Shenzhen office.

Warehouse and logistics staff have not lost any time getting to orders accumulated during the Chinese New Year break while returning customer service service staff got straight to helping out customers with their questions and concerns.

The Chinavasion logistics staff hard at work preparing orders for shipping after a refreshing holiday with their family

While it is too early to blow our own trumpet it looks like our policy of ordering larger orders (bignews.biz/?id=792308&keys=wholesale-business-ebay-cellphones) before the holiday appears to have worked with few of the popular products going out of stock during the holiday break.

Items on Chinavasion’s shelves waiting to be packed and shipped

While not as cold as last year there were certainly plenty of fireworks surrounding the Chinese New Year this year.

Initially the fireworks surrounded the availability of tickets home and the allegations that many were being scalped, come the actual break the fireworks were more literal.

The laws surrounding fireworks have always been a little more relaxed in the Chinese countryside than they have in the cities. Essentially fireworks are banned in the cities while being allowed in the countryside. The central government may have relaxed the ruling for cities this year.

Fireworks in Shanghai and Shenzhen

Reports in all the major cities are that the number of fireworks sold and set off in the spring festival for 2009 were impressive, and many people living in the major war zones cities will probably back that figure up.

Here at Chinavasion we hope our customers and anybody importing electronics from China managed to get a contingency plan in place and weren’t too caught out by the annual break and that business continues smoothly in the year of the ox.

Check out what else is going on at the Chinavasion warehouse…

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Author xlxmarketing 2.2.2009. | 19:25
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