New Watch Phone Goes Beyond Gadgetry, Actually Useful

Author xlxmarketing 15.2.2009. | 06:00
Here’s a watch phone that’ll change the way you look at wrist watch phones.


The mobile phone watch at a glance:


Mobile Phone Watch – 1.4 Inch Touchscreen + Keypad [CVSCX-9301]

  • Who would buy this product:Early adapters, people who like a watch phone but don’t want something that is too obvious.
  • What eBay keywords can I use:cell phone, wireless cell phone, unlocked phone, bluetooth cell phone, cell phone camera, GSM watch phone, wrist phone, watch phone.
  • How much will it cost: US$120.38(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)


Most working people have discounted watch phones as just another gadget that people who are fanatical about electronics and who have perhaps spent too much time reading Dick Tracy comics are interested in.

The Mobile Phone Watch may just be the GSM watch phone to change their mind.

China wholesale Chinavasion packed a tri-band receiver… touchscreen and extremely workable keypad and well-placed cell phone camera into a wrist phone that would not look amiss on any guys arm when they’re at work.

The makers have even paired it up with a bluetooth cell phone headset to make it a completely wireless cell phone and incredibly workable for when you’re on the road. They’ve also made sure it’s an unlocked phone so that you can hook up to any network you like.

Author xlxmarketing 15.2.2009. | 06:00
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