The Heart MP3 Player Made For Girlfriends, Boyfriends and BFF

Author xlxmarketing 22.1.2009. | 15:38

Made for music from the heart. This heart MP3 is the perfect Valentines Day package for the perfectly personalized Valentines playlist.

While it may look like a single heart in a box it is actually two separate 1GB Valentine MP3 players for each person. How’s that for Valentines Day gifts?

The MP3 player for lovers (pair of 1GB MP3 music players) at a glance:


MP3 Player for Lovers – Pair of 1GB MP3 Music Players [CVFV-L01]

  • Who would buy this product: Teenagers and kids in their pre teens looking for Valentines gifts that are highly personal but still holiday specific. Someone looking for a MP3 that they could give to their BFF
  • What eBay keywords can I use: Valentine MP3, hearts MP3, Valentines day, Valentines gift ideas, heart MP3, Valentines gifts,I love you MP3, Valentines day gift ideas, Valentines day gifts, Valentines day gift, Valentine gift ideas, pink MP3 player, girls MP3 player, cute MP3, girl MP3 player, pink MP3 players
  • How much will it cost: $32.01(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)


Valentines day is one of those days that seems to be always around the corner. It’s always hard to think of Valentines gift ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

There are flowers (expensive) a card (strangely expensive) and jewelry (OMG).

One popular group of Valentines gifts is music, the tracks which hold a special meaning for you and your soul mate…

If there were only some holiday specific package you could bundle them all in and present them (a Valentine MP3 even)…

China Wholesale electronics manufacture Chinavasion has come up with a pair of pink MP3 players that would go down a treat as a Valentines day gift.

The MP3 Player for Lovers – Pair of 1GB MP3 Music Players are cute MP3 players that would make a perfect wrapping for that special playlist.

At less than 40 US bucks for two 1GB players, and with touchscreen controls you won’t break the bank getting them or get frustrated trying to control these hearts MP3 players.

These pink MP3 players also have the added functionality of having earphones that double as chains so you and you girlfriend/boyfriend or BFF will never be without a way to hang the girls MP3 player around your neck.

This is definitely a girl MP3 player perfect for that special I love you MP3 file. A strong contender in Valentine gift ideas.

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Author xlxmarketing 22.1.2009. | 15:38
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