Exporters And Dropshippers, Get Ready For The Chinese New Year Break

Author xlxmarketing 12.1.2009. | 15:58

Chinavasion wishes everyone a happy Niu year and would like to remind people sourcing from China to get orders in before Monday the 19th of January to make sure you get them before the holiday.

We all know what a logistical nightmares vacations are, right?

The booking of tickets/arranging of transport, the packing, the hassle.

Well, all of China is going through that in a few weeks time and it’s people importing electronics from China and eBay sellers who need to avoid getting in the holiday rush.

Everybody in China will be downing tools on the 24th of January (if they had not done so beforehand) to spend a week with their friends and families in their home town in one of China’s two ‘golden’ weeks. Everybody will be back and work and things will (hopefully) return back to normal by February 1.

What it essentially ads up to for people shipping products out of China are late shipments and the inability to get stock during that period, or indeed some days after.

Holiday Date Duration (2008-)
Chinese New Year 25th January 7 days
Labor Day May 1 1 day
National Day October 1 7 days

Interested on when all the troublesome golden holidays fall? Here’s a chart that should explain it all. For January and October get goods ahead of time but in May things should be fine.

So, in order not to get caught up in the rush we here at Chinavasion would recommend that anybody getting anything from a China supplier of China wholesale company put orders in before Monday the 19th of January to ensure that you get goods before the holiday break (It might also pay to use a courier company instead of getting it sent by airmail).

During the holiday time you can still place new orders – they’ll be shipped out first-come, first-served. Stock levels will be updated by our staff daily, so you may see several popular items go out of stock during the holiday time.

In cases of delivery problems or billing inquiries we will have emergency customer support staff still checking emails and answering the phone during our office hours.

Everybody at Chinavasion would like to wish you a happy Chinese New Year and hope that you can get through the holiday break without any difficulties.

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Author xlxmarketing 12.1.2009. | 15:58
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  1. Raúl January 14, 23:46

    Happy New Year guys, great site, i think i found my new supplier. Cheers and good luck!!!!!

  2. John January 19, 22:46

    Happy new year to all at chinavasion, fab site. i look forward to possible new beginngs with you in 2009, have a great holiday

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