Suppliers Team Up On NFC For Cars

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.9.2012. | 22:30

In the future, you will be able to access all your smartphone’s features simply by dropping your phone into a carved-out spot near the dashboard. The phone will connect and sync data using NFC (near field communication) technology.



NFC software provider Stollman, in-car infotainment system expert Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions, and automotive communications specialist Funkwerk Dabendorf are working on a solution that will offer an “NFC hotspot” in future vehicles.

The phone will transfer apps, text messages, contact information, and other contents to an in-vehicle display. It will also open new ways for developers to create apps that interact with the car.



Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.9.2012. | 22:30
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  1. george September 21, 05:51

    I wonder what the benefit of having to put it in a particular place is? I mean, we’ve already had Bluetooth for years which is more than capable of most integration with the car that we could want (except most manufacturers are still not making an effort and most users have no clue about the basic functionalities of Bluetooth) – is this NFC really going to be a step forward?

  2. Tibor September 21, 20:27

    That’s right Bluetooth would be also capable to do that. Now NFC is pushed by the manufacturers as it is a great new feature. 🙂 Mobile wallet solutions are also based on NFC. Bluetooth’s range is significantly higher and the transfer speed is almost 5 times faster, than NFC. From this aspect BT is the absolute winner. On the other hand NFC’s range is only about 0.2m, and it could be good for security reason and minimizes the possibility of interferences. With NFC devices the connection is established automatically within a tenth of a second, does not require pairing like Bluetooth. Bluetooth pairing is sometimes troublesome because of the BT version and supported protocols compatibility. Other benefits of NFC is that it consumes much less power than typical Bluetooth and it is capable of wirelessly transmitting power to an external device. I guess, more and more devices around us will be equipped with NFC to exchange data by simply waving the phone in front of it.

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