11 Recommended iPhone 5 -Compatible Accessories That You Can Get From Chinavasion Right Now!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.9.2012. | 00:17

Obviously Chinavasion is now getting a move on to source accessories for the new iPhone 5 and updated iPod “Lightning” connector, not to mention cases that are going to fit the new elongated shape.

But in the meantime here’s a reminder of some of Chinavasion’s cool phone accessories which would make good complements to your new iPhone 5.

Click on the pictures to open a new window to the product page for full pictures, description, and prices. All products available at the time of writing, delivered worldwide.

Waterproof case for iPhone / smart phone, complete with waterproof earphones… Because water and your new iPhone will not mix well together otherwise!

Spider stand for iPhone
, smart phones and tablets – it’s like arachnid aliens are kidnapping your new iPhone!

Wireless remote pointer/ presentation tool for iPhone

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
– compatible with iPhone, iPod and others

Super neat folding pocket sized mini desk stand for iPhone / smart phone

Cool geek gift – It’s a Retro mobile phone handset compatible with iPhone – you may be the most up to date Apple fan, but you can still be olde-ironic.

Vibrating Bluetooth call/message alert bracelet
– definitely a cool addition if you can bear to put your new iPhone away in your pocket or bag for a few moments.

Stylus for capacitive screens
such as that on the iPhone 5 – perfect gadget for iPhone users whose fingers are too big for accurate touch tasks, or just when you don’t want to grease up the pristine glass surface!

Portable battery bank  Multi connector backup battery suitable for iPhone  Solar backup battery for iPhone
A selection of cool backup/portable batteries suitable for iPhone and other smart phones (we’ll be working on the connector/cable compatibility for iPhone 5 ASAP!!)

And Finally:

Digital video binoculars
for looking ahead for the front end of the queues.


body-wearable HD video camera so you can film the exact pant-wetting moment you get to cross the threshold of the Apple store into paradise. (As noticeable here in the Apple store opening in Barcelona discussed in the recent Apple keynote.)


  • The “iPhone” is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. No Chinavasion products or accessories are claimed to be authorized or branded by Apple Inc. Chinavasion products and our company are not affiliated with Apple Inc. or endorsed by them in any way.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.9.2012. | 00:17
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  1. Wanyonyi Muchanga September 20, 15:17

    The products are wonderful. Please create even more.

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