How To Save A Wet Phone

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.9.2012. | 14:33

Just when you thought the impossible wouldn’t happen, it did! You dropped your cell phone in water!

Follow these simple steps to save your cell phone.

1)      Take the phone out of the water as soon as possible. Every second matters, do this step quick.

2)      Don’t panic. Your phone will probably not be too damaged if you take it out of the water right away.

3)      Remove the battery immediately to prevent short circuit. If you have a phone with nonreplaceable battery, try to turn off the device.

4)      Do not press the buttons. Putting pressure on the keys could shift liquid farther into the device.

5)      Quickly shake your cell phone to get all of the water out and reach for the paper towels. If you have accessories such as cell phone covers, take them off promptly.

6)      Remove SIM card and memory card, leaving the ports open.

7)      Desiccant materials, such as rice, have hygroscopic properties that can attract and absorb moisture. You can also use silica gel packs — the kind used in shoe boxes — to greater effect. If you don’t have any lying around, uncooked rice will do nicely. Place your phone in a container and completely cover it with your choice of desiccant.

8)      After 24-48 hours, when you are sure the phone is completely dried out, insert the battery and turn it on.

Other thoughts:

Do not use hair dryer, it could fry the phone. Instead of blowing hot or cold air, try to use a vacuum cleaner to suck liquid out of the phone.

NEVER put into a microwave.

Beware corrosion. Even if it starts to work again, the metal parts within the phone will corrode over time. A professional may clear out the corrosion with rubbing alcohol.

Good luck!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.9.2012. | 14:33
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