Digital Camera Phone Turns Identity Crisis Into Good Thing

Author xlxmarketing 7.1.2009. | 01:00

Want the camera phone with serious photo capabilities? Here’s a cell phone with a digital camera phone cell phone that takes its camera duties seriously.

The deluxe slider cameraphone touchscreen media cell phone at a glance:


  • Who would buy this product: People in Europe and Asia looking for a camera phone. People who like to take photos with their phone.
  • What eBay keywords can I use: cell phones, China cell phones, China cell phone, no contract cell phones, cell phone no contract, prepaid phone, dual SIM phone, mobile phone, mobile phones, GSM phone, GSM phones, unlocked GSM phone, unlocked phone, unlocked phones, unlocked cell phone, wholesale china, cell phone wholesale, dual band phone, dual phone
  • How much will it cost: $126.39(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

While almost every phone on the market comes with a camera these days this camera phone has a serious identity crisis.

This slide cell phone from Chinavasion has all of the functions of a dual band multimedia wireless cell phone (spots for Dual SIM cards, touchscreen functionality, WAP capability etc) it’s thrown into the casing of a digital camera, has the optical zoom and camera controls where you’d expect to find them and captures brilliant images car of its native 3MP processor and optical zoom. And has pretty solid digital video camera capabilities to boot.

The wholesale cell phones makers have even thrown in a NES emulator and dedicated gamepad so that games can be played like they should be…in landscape mode. This is definitely unlocked phone cut from the same cloth as the camcorder phone.

china import

Author xlxmarketing 7.1.2009. | 01:00
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  1. Ceclestin August 19, 10:32

    I m very interested with this kind of mobile, I just want to know more information about it and how must it will cost.

  2. Ceclestin August 19, 10:36

    Its nice phone but if it be using two sim cards and working at same could be fine.I m very interested with it.
    Thank you.

  3. Adrian August 19, 11:10

    Hi Celestin,

    Thanks for your nice comments. This phone isn’t available right now, but there are many similar (and newer) phones than this one at:

    The cost of each phone is displayed on the website page.

    If you want to know the shipping cost then you can sign up for an account with Chinavasion today, then take the items you’re interested in to the checkout. Here you’ll see the shipping cost for the item. Try today! It’s quick, easy and free!

    Most of our phones are dual-SIM, this means that two SIM cards WILL work at the same time so you don’t need to swap them any more. It’s very convenient.

    We hope that this helps.

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