Laptop Stand Has Legs And Fans, Allows Internet Surfing In Bed

Author xlxmarketing 5.1.2009. | 18:29

Laptop cooling pads and notebook fans extend the life of the laptop, but they’re limited to desk use. That is unless you expect a Spanish Inquisition girth-loss program. Nobody really expects that. Here’s a laptop stand that cools while you surf on the bed or anywhere other than the desk.

The deluxe notebook computer work station and portable laptop desk at a glance:


Deluxe Notebook Computer Work Station – Portable Laptop Desk [CVFZ-G01]

  • Who would buy this product: Traveling business people who find themselves working out of hotels and want to extend the life of the laptops or notebooks.
  • What eBay keywords can I use: notebook table, laptop computer desk, laptop computer stand, laptop computers, laptop stands, laptop stand, laptop desks, laptop desk, laptop desk stand, laptop tray, laptop bed desk, laptop table, laptop accessory, portable laptop stand, portable laptop desk, bed desk, bed table
  • How much will it cost: $38.47(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

There are laptop stands and laptop fans and never the twain shall meet.

That’s really a shame, because while the laptop computer desk is a great laptop accessory it doesn’t help you extend the life of your laptop and a laptop fan will only cool your laptop on your bed if you’ve got some sadistic hatred of leg hair or sexual organs.

So it is about time that someone came out with a laptop tray that’ll also keep the notebook cool.

Wholesale laptop accessory manufacturer, Chinavasion, has put together a very nice notebook table that will put other laptop desks to shame.

The Deluxe Notebook Computer Work Station is a laptop desk that manages to stick in both the functions of a portable laptop stand and a notebook cooling pad.

The result: it cools like a netbook fan and keeps the weight off your legs like a laptop bed desk.

The bed table looks pretty slick in gadget black. The laptop table is also pretty sturdy being constructed out of aluminum.

The bed desk has two movable legs so that you could potentially set it up on the sofa, on the floor or on the bed depending on where you wanted the laptop desk stand.

The laptop computer stand is still light and compact enough to be thrown into your suitcase for your next trip on the road.

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Author xlxmarketing 5.1.2009. | 18:29
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    What is the size of this desk? The fan is powered by USB?

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