Cell Phone TV Finally Gets Digital TV… DVB-T That Is

Author xlxmarketing 30.12.2008. | 15:40

Gadget and mobile phone makers took their sweet time about it but it looks like there’s finally a cell phone capable of geting DVB-T (no news on ATSC, sorry US gadget fans).

The DVB-T 3.0 inch touchscreen digital cell phone at a glance:


DVB-T 3.0 Inch Touchscreen Digital Cell Phone – Dual SIM [CVSCD-8500]

  • Who would buy this product: Anybody in a country with DVB-T that doesn’t want to miss their favorite show when analog TV gets switched to digital TV. People who want a great functioning media phone with a optical zoom lens
  • What eBay keywords can I use: digital cell phone, dvd t phone, digital tv phone, DVT, cell phone, dual band phone, European phone, dual SIM, eBay, DVB-T, digital TV, TV phone, bar phone, unlocked phone, no contract phone, prepaid phone
  • How much will it cost: $167.88(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

The world of TV has started its move from analog to digital, and it’s about time too. There’s nothing worse than trying to watch TV when you’re on the bus and getting nothing but static.

That’s not a problem you’ll be having with the Dual SIM DVB-T 3.0 Inch Touchscreen Digital Cell Phone from China cellphone wholesale supplier Chinavasion.

The DVB-TV phone is fully kitted out with all the right DVB-T receivers to make sure you’re TV signal is guaranteed well into the future. And with a 3.0 inch screen you will be able to get the big picture.

This phone has some pretty cool other features including an awesome optical zoom, which will let you study stuff up close and get a decent pictures of things far away. There’s a full host of software which make it a great phone for your businesses or personal life… and with dual SIM slots why not.

Still no joy for those ATSC receivers in the US and Canada. Gadget makers… you have your challenge.

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Author xlxmarketing 30.12.2008. | 15:40
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  1. mohammed yousaf March 18, 21:25

    when will the DVB-T 3.0 BE available for sale i require 5 of them

  2. Kevin April 30, 03:43

    Can you do a version with quadband and bluetooth? Those are my prime needs.

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