Refrigerator Purifier Essential Item For Clean Freaks, Blue Cheese Fans And Flatters

Author xlxmarketing 26.12.2008. | 16:06

This’ll keep food and the fridge fresh. If your refrigerator is anything like mine it’s a tad smelly and food has a tendency to grow furry bits in an awful hurry. This air cleaner should keep that last leftover from going green for at least a couple of days and is as about as cute as an ozone air purifier can be.

The refrigerator air purifier ozone and ionizer at a glance:

refrigerator air purifier ozone and ionizer

Refrigerator Air Purifier – Ozone and Ionizer [CVSEQ-A5103]

  • Who would buy this product: Domestic goddesses, people in shared accommodation, people who enjoy strong-smelling food, clean freaks
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  • How much will it cost: $10.09(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)


There aren’t too many solutions out on the market to take care of the smelly refrigerator. It’s almost as if the fridge manufacturers have heard about the problem of smell food and gone ‘lalalalala I can’t hear anything”.

There’s not much out there in the home care gadget range either, which is a little strange considering that many of the air cleaners, air purifiers and ozone air devices out there should be more than suited to handle the demands of a refrigerator.

So why isn’t there a refrigerator air purifier that people can use?

The refrigerator air purifier is yet another gadget from wholesale electronics manufacturers Chinavasion designed to keep things as clean as a whistle and smelling twice as sweet.

The air purifier uses ozone and negative ions to sterilize the air in your refrigerator. This means that the ionic breeze air purifier effectively eliminates the opportunity for mold and mildew to grow in the fridge, letting food stay fresher for longer and making sure that no bad smells permeate the ice box.

Everything on the ionic purifier is controlled by a central processing unit on board and driven by four AA batteries so this ionic air purifier is pretty much a set and forget device.

You won’t be mistaking this air purifier ionizer for a bit of leftover Chinese food, because as small air purifiers go it’s about as cute as a button. This ionic purifier has also got a handy mounting point so you can either put it on the shelf or hang this air purification device in any location you need an air ionizer.

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Author xlxmarketing 26.12.2008. | 16:06
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