GSM Roaming, New International Phone Puts The World At Your Fingertips

Author xlxmarketing 25.12.2008. | 09:57

This phone has the whole world covered. If you’re looking to start a mobile phone business online then this you’re going to need some phones which work on every GSM band and still have a whole heap of attractive features. This quad band phone might be your baby.

The quad band unlocked cell phone at a glance:

quad band dual sim unlocked cell phone executive ed

Quad Band + Dual SIM Unlocked Cell Phone (Executive Ed.) [CVSED-A3801]

  • Who would buy this product: Travelers, online retailers, People trying to start a mobile phone business online and want an international phone that will work on any GSM band
  • What eBay keywords can I use: world phone, quad band phones,
    international phone, cell phone, mobile phone, cellular phone, unlocked phone, bluetooth phone, gsm phone, multimedia phone, wap, block phone
  • How much will it cost: $104.78(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

There are a whole lot of wholesale cell phones on the market these days which are always popular for people who sell cellphones online.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t listed the mobile phone with care or made the customer aware of where the wireless cell phones will work (sites like Chinavasion’s GSM map then you run the chance of getting a bad reputation, or dealing with an irate customer.

And if you do see an international phone online they’re usually nothing fancy and lack many of the features that other unlocked phones carry like MMS, WAP and other functions you’d expect to see on a bluetooth phone or a multimedia phone.

Here’s a world phone that won’t leave customers frustrated. The quad band and dual SIM unlocked cell phone (executive ed.) is definitely one of the few quad band phones that give bluetooth cellphones a good name.

This GSM phone from Chinavasion comes with two SIM card slots and two TF memory card slots to help world travelers keep all of the numbers and contacts they gather in their travels on the phone. The block cell phone also has a very nice selection of contact and business tools including Call Waiting, Call Divert, Call Barring and Black List as well as having all of bluetooth profiles on-hand for people who want to pair it with a handsfree kit.

This cell phone also comes with a large number of ‘timewaster’ media features including a very nice screen 3 inch screen, excellent cell phone camera with good still photo and DV features and a whole lot of other multimedia functions that you wouldn’t expect to see in a cellular phone, let alone in an unlocked GSM cell phone.

If you’re looking to buy unlocked cell phones that’ll be a sure thing online for people who even wonder what is an unlocked phone then this GSM phone would definitely be a good option.

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Author xlxmarketing 25.12.2008. | 09:57
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    Please always forward me news about new products on mobile phone accessories especially Solar Power Charger and Dynamo wind-up charger.

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