10 Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.8.2012. | 20:31

If you face difficulties with WiFi signal reception, speed, reliability follow the top 10 WiFi booster tips:

 1. Use the latest WiFi-technology

For best results, use up-to-date hardware. Several wireless protocols are available. Wireless A,B,G and N. 802.11N protocol gives you the fastest speed and the best signal coverage. Keep in mind that for a wireless N router you will need a WiFi client with wireless N support.

2. Find the best location for the router

To get the best signal, don’t hide it. Point the antenna vertically, make sure it’s free of walls and obstructions. Preferably place it in the center of the house.

3. Find free wireless channel

Other WiFi routers on the same radio channel may be interfering with yours and causing the signal to degrade. Choose a channel with as little interference as possible. Wi-Fi Stumbler or Wi-Fi Analyzer  tools can help to find the right channel.

4. Eliminate other appliance to avoid radio interference

Cordless phones, microwaves, intercoms, baby monitors and other devices can cause radio interference. Try to eliminate other units and move your router further.

5. Protect your router and WIFI network

Enable security settings to prevent not authorized access. Change router log-in password, enable WiFi security (WPA or WPA2), MAC filtering, IP filtering. Always use good passwords.

6. Configure QoS to control bandwidth hogs

Quality of Service (QoS) is used to prioritize certain applications, so the most important application get more bandwith.

7. Increase WiFi range with DIY tricks

There are many DIY tricks to extend the WiFi range using Aluminum Can or Cooking Strainer . Perhaps it’s not the perfect solution, but it could add a bit more WiFi range.

8. Boost the router’s signal using custom firmware

Custom firmware like DD-WRT offers advanced options to override the router’s default settings to get better signal coverage.

9. Turn an old Router into a repeater

To extend the WiFi range significantly, use a WiFi signal repeater. If you do not want to buy a repeater, an old router can be configured to work as an extender.

10. Reboot the router regularly

If the router slows down dramatically or drops the connection you have to restart it. Some routers support scheduled reboot or you can use an outlet timer. With regular restart you don’t have to reboot so often manually.

via LifeHacker


Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.8.2012. | 20:31
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