Buddha Necklace MP3 Player Adds Aural Nirvana To Buddhist Jewelry

Author xlxmarketing 20.12.2008. | 19:36

This buddha MP3 should bring some luck. The ‘laughing buddha’ has made his way onto a lot of ornaments in this day and age, he’s finally got his own MP3 player to go along with all of the cross MP3 players on the market. Finally, you can listen to your Buddhist MP3 on some Buddhist jewelry.

The buddha MP3 player at a glance:


MP3 Player Necklace – Get Your Buddha On [CVSS-2001]

  • Who would buy this product: People looking for a unique piece of Chinese technology, or Buddhist art that can also play music. Students, teenagers and anyone who wants to buy an MP3 player that is unique.
  • What eBay keywords can I use: What eBay keywords can I use: Buddhist MP3, Buddha necklace, Buddha pendant, Buddhist jewelry, Buddha MP3, Buddhist art, laughing Buddha, MP3 player, 2GB MP3 player, MP3, 2GB MP3, fashion necklaces, Buddha necklace
  • How much will it cost: $58.75(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

Anybody who’s spend any time either in Asia or around the Asian community would have come across a jade representation of what’s they’d call ‘the laughing Buddha’ or ‘the fat Buddha’. It’s happened so much that many have started calling him Buddha outright (which apparently is the equivalent of calling JC the big guy but a bit more major).

So it was only a matter of time before someone turned the Buddha pendant into a MP3.

Wholesale electronics supplier Chinavasion has managed to do it with a little bit of a difference. The MP3 player necklace, it seems, is doing quite a good job of building much of the mythology and the culture behind the Buddhist art into the player itself.

This 2GB MP3 player has the Buddha figure in a faux jade finish on a faux bronze bed like much of the jewelry of Buddha that you’ll probably see in many of the more exclusive and more ‘competitively-priced’ stores.

This Buddha MP3 also uses the figure on the Buddha necklace as its controller. You touch the head of the figure on these fashion necklaces to increase the volume, and the belly to bring you luck…. er turn the volume down.

This Buddha wants funky music. Perhaps the odd Nirvana single, like ‘on a plain’ would do. Or maybe a Richard Gere speech or something by the Beastie Boys.

This would be a definite option if you want to buy an MP3 player with a difference.

Author xlxmarketing 20.12.2008. | 19:36
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