Neon Light Speakers Goes Just As Well With Computers And MP3 Players

Author xlxmarketing 18.12.2008. | 16:34

Neon lights always get someone swinging. This time it’s the computer speaker with a 3.5 inch headphone jack these computer speakers are just as happy being used by MP3 players as they are computers even though laptops are their one true love. The blue neon looks pretty good too.

The LED light tube stereo speaker at a glance:


LED Light Tube Stereo Speaker [CVSDI-9099]

  • Who would buy this product: People who like to listen to music at work but don’t always want to transfer it from their iPods or MP3s. People who want an external speaker for their laptop but don’t have the space to carry anything big
  • What eBay keywords can I use: tube light led, LED light, Neon Lights, portable speakers, speaker, computer speaker, computer accessory
  • How much will it cost: $9.38(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

This set of portable speakers from Chinavasion definitely will add some light to your PC or laptop. This computer accessory mashes a tube light LED with a computer speaker and then throws a couple of other nice features into the mix.

These neon lights portable speakers are small enough to throw into a laptop bag or backpack, making them a nice little thing to carry round when you want a laptop speaker and with an output of 2w there’s going to be enough juice to make most stuff sound good.

What makes these wholesale portable speakers extra nice is that it has a separate USB cable and 3.5 inch headphone input so its going to be easy to switch from your MP4 or iPod to your PC or laptop without having to press any buttons or worry about any sound drivers.

Author xlxmarketing 18.12.2008. | 16:34
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  1. LED Tube Lighting July 17, 14:07

    I like LED Light Tube Stereo Speaker [CVSDI-9099].It is great.

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