Save a Web Page as a PDF document

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.8.2012. | 16:29

Typically, when you want to save a Web page for future reference, you bookmark it. But what happens if that site gets taken down? Or the content of the page gets changed? Or you want to actually preserve that page in a format that doesn’t require a Web browser?

The best option is to generate a PDF document of the web page. Many PDF “printer” apps are available on the internet. One of them is Web2PDF. It’s lightweight, free and easy to use.

There are actually three ways to use this handy free service:

Just click on “Save page as PDF” button. A pop-up window will appear with 3 options: Download PDF, Save to Google Docs, and Store and Share PDF.


Save a Web Page as a PDF with Just One Click | PCWorld

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.8.2012. | 16:29
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  1. juan August 22, 16:01

    quiero convertir esta pagina

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