Cooling Pad Keeps Laptop Computers Cooled And Connected

Author xlxmarketing 17.12.2008. | 18:54

The cooling pad with USB ports and fans. Here’s a solution to your USB shortage problem a laptop cooling pad that a USB hub and decided that they would have a happy life together.

The premium notebook computer cooling pad at a glance:


Premium Notebook Computer Cooling Pad [CVSDG-9197]

  • Who would buy this product: People who do a lot of work from home on their laptops and want to get more out of it. People with a limited number of USB ports in their laptop
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  • How much will it cost: $13.75(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

Laptops are a great device to help you stay working no matter where you are. But your average notebook computer usually has two faults:

  • The laptop computer gets very hot very quickly
  • And laptop computers often lack the USB ports needed to get the wholesale computer accessories and external memory devices needed in day-to day life (MacBook Air anyone?)

This is a problem anyone using your average notebook cooling fan because it invariably takes up valuable USB port space without giving you any other options.

Wholesale computer accessory supplier, Chinavasionhas taken this into consideration and have come up with something they think will solve the laptops computer shortage of USB ports and its tendency to overheat.

The premium notebook computer cooling pad is such a creature. Coming with three cooling fans, four USB ports (in) and one mini USB port (out) this is one notebook cooling pad that’s got its bases covered.

This laptop cooling system from Chinavasion tries to make sure that all makes and models of notebook computers are covered by making all of the cooling fans adjustable so that no cooling fan is in the wrong place. This laptop cooling fan is fairly solid too, being constructed out of industrial-grade plastic.

But where this laptop cooler has its bases covered though is the inclusion of the extra USB ports. Theoretically it will mean that instead of plugging in a notebook cooling pad and a USB hub you just plug in a laptop fan. That’s got to be a bonus for people with a laptop notebook that work from home and don’t have too much table space that they can use.

With this computer accessory being offered for wholesale prices you can bet this laptop pad will definitely turn up in some computer stores in the very near future as a laptop cooling solution.

Author xlxmarketing 17.12.2008. | 18:54
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