Will Smartphones Replace Wallets?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.8.2012. | 16:25

Increased news articles regarding  Smartphone payments and solutions are becoming more common. With mobile payment, customers can pay by simply waving, tapping or swiping their Smartphone in a store or other shopping establishment. Besides new security and privacy concerns, there is a burning question we are all asking. Do we really need another payment option?!


Does replacing your Credit Card with your Smartphone interest you?

“There’s one problem with all of these services: Nobody needs them. Traditional credit cards work fine. And the new apps are another way for businesses to collect more personal data about us, in an effort to sell more stuff. The bank already knows everything I buy; should Google know, too? Something to think about before your next Smartphone shopping spree.”

-A Boston Globe story reviewing


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Why Smart phones Won’t Be Replacing Wallets Anytime Soon | Time

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.8.2012. | 16:25
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  1. Ron Kolman August 22, 23:50

    Absolutely. As soon as someone makes the “bendable” LCD screen a reality, the smartphone wallet will become a reality…just as the watch-phone has (K&S “W” in particular).

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