Android game console is taking down xBox and PS3

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.8.2012. | 18:03

Some amazing developments are going on in the game console industry. The Ouya Android Game Console is currently being developed and the company is already taking pre-orders!=

The worlds best game developers will be attracted to this console and produce their own games on this open source platform that can be easily connected to your TV. Chinavasion is predicting that this console will create a landmark change in the industry.

This device is however still pricy. The Chinese manufacturers are currently working on cheaper versions already and they will sold by Chinavasion once available. Please leave a comment if you want to be updated on the availability of Chinese versions of this Android Game Console.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.8.2012. | 18:03
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  1. michael August 12, 00:31

    I’m VERY excited by this development.
    It will revolutionise the gaming industry and create thousands of ‘home based’ gaming companies around the globe.

    With games being made available from hobbiests and established ‘players’ in the industry these devices will have the capability to crush playstation & xbox.

  2. Atilla August 12, 17:55

    I want to first buyer for cheaper versions from Chinavasion..

  3. Ricardo August 15, 04:37

    Lookinforward to the new device

  4. Ricardo August 15, 04:38

    Looking forward to the new gaming platform

  5. Lionel August 16, 03:20

    Keep me informed of the chinese version of the android game console

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