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Author xlxmarketing 12.12.2008. | 20:25

Who said hands free cell phone calls and listening to music on speakers should be limited to the car or office? Here’s a wholesale bluetooth speaker solution to let fans of multimedia and handsfree phone calls take their computer speaker anywhere.

The bluetooth stereo speaker handsfree speaker phone at a glance:


Bluetooth Stereo Speaker + Handsfree Speaker Phone [CVSDH-8998]

  • Who would buy this product: Office workers who want to make handsfree calls and listen to music at work, people who want a bluetooth speaker when they go out to the park
  • What eBay keywords can I use: wireless speakers, bluetooth speaker, bluetooth, bluetooth accessories, bluetooth phone headset, bluetooth wireless, bluetooth audio, bluetooth laptop speakers, bluetooth for pc, portable speakers, computer speaker, cell phone accessories, hands free cell phone
  • How much will it cost: $44.75(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

Motorists and office workers have a number of ways of making hands free cell phone calls… there’s a multitude of bluetooth hands free kits on the market these days that will help them make a handsfree calls.

But what say you’re at the park with friends or doing a little bit of work outside but you don’t want to wear a bluetooth phone headset, and you want some volume and you need wireless speakers that you could transport between work and home? Then you’re usually out of luck.

wholesale cell phone accessories manufacturer Chinavasion has come up with the solution to this problem, bluetooth laptop speakers which will take bluetooth hands free calls and can be run through a USB or through batteries.

The bluetooth stereo speaker is a wireless speaker system jammed into one shiny, portable brick, which can be transported anywhere you want bluetooth audio from your phone or to make bluetooth wireless phone calls.

The LED-lit controls on this bluetooth pc look slick and work well and the entire casing of this stereo bluetooth speaker is a nice shiny black.

If you were looking to buy bluetooth pc devices that didn’t ‘ug’ up your desk then this would definitely be an option. The 3.5 inch headphone jack on these bluetooth accessories means that you’ll be able to use a cable to use the bluetooth for pc speakers as normal portable speakers without having to install any bluetooth pc software.

And, as a bonus, it’ll run off 4 AAA batteries meaning you can take these stereo bluetooth speakers anywhere.

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Author xlxmarketing 12.12.2008. | 20:25
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  1. PH Test : October 31, 00:32

    wireless speakers are great but they always require some battery replacement after a while ,

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