Palm-Sized Mini Keyboard Great As Laptop Keyboard

Author xlxmarketing 12.12.2008. | 19:52
laptop keyboard

Finally wholesale computer accessory manufacturers have figured out that the mini keyboard doesn’t necessarily need to be bereft of functions. Here’s a laptop keyboard PDA keyboard that doesn’t swap function for size.

The mini keyboard at a glance:


Mini Keyboard – Slim Portable Design [CVSB-971]

  • Who would buy this product: People who have to use their laptops for extended periods on the road. Computer technicians who have to do a lot of server maintenance.
  • What eBay keywords can I use: mini computer keyboard, computer keyboards, USB computer keyboard, cheap USB computer keyboards, mini keyboards, USB mini keyboard, USB keyboards, small USB keyboard, slim keyboard, keyboard, small keyboard, compact keyboard, portable keyboard, standard keyboard, mini ps2 keyboard
  • How much will it cost: $15.00(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

Getting a mini computer keyboard is usually like getting a pager instead of a cell phone. You could kind of get the job done but in no way will the pager get the job done in the same time and as easily as the cell phone will.

Mini keyboards usually lack many of the functions and keys you’d expect to see on computer keyboards, like media management keys, internet keys and the numerical keypad.

Basically a small USB keyboard would be nearly as effective and efficient to type on as any normal keyboard pc in fact, they might not even be as good as cheap USB computer keyboards.

Wholesale computer accessory manufacturer Chinavasion may have come up with a compact keyboard which has a whole lot of functionality jammed into it. The mini keyboard isn’t a foldable keyboard by any means but at just one third the size of a regular keyboard this small keyboard is tiny enough to fit into your pocket or onto the palm of a man with large hands.

The wholesale keyboard manufacturers of this USB computer keyboard haven’t skimped on features jamming it full of 77 keys and nine shortcut keys. That’s keyboard keys you can use for computer shortcuts, media shortcuts and internet shortcuts.

This portable keyboard isn’t just content being just as useful as a standard keyboard while being 1/3 of the size. The slim keyboard is also fairly unconcerned about what it gets plugged in to as well. Thanks to an adapter it will just as happily work as a USB mini keyboard as it will a mini PS2 keyboard.

Author xlxmarketing 12.12.2008. | 19:52
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  1. Gabriel Mendoza July 16, 22:49

    I like a Mini Keyboard. It’s not the easiest one around to use, but it’s certainly the easiest one to carry.

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