Screw-On Telescopic Lens Should Let You Capture Closer Shots At Sports Events With Digital Camcorder

Author xlxmarketing 11.12.2008. | 12:27

A DV camera set up for the real close up. It doesn’t matter where you are in the stands, this digital video camera should help you get a really good close up of the action.

The MPEG-4 digital video camcorder with optical telescope zoom lens at a glance:


MPEG4 Digital Video Camcorder With Optical Telescope Zoom Lens [CVSE-DV01]

  • Who would buy this product: Parents of children who play sports, fans of sports like football, car racing or horse racing who need an optical zoom lens to get closer to the action.
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  • How much will it cost: $108.25(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)


On most of the digital camcorders you see out there today their camera lens is nothing to write home about. They’ve got some sort of digital zoom but if you wanted to get the finer points of your child’s goal then you need a camcorder with a bit more optical zoom and a little more length.

A SLR manufacturer would just make a screw-in telescope lens that they would then charge extra for, that idea has worked well for them in the past and is even used in the higher-end digital cameras of today.

A wholesale distributor of digital video cameras has though having a separate optical zoom lens isn’t a bad solution for the digital video camcorder.

Wholesale electronics firm, Chinavasion has built on the concept of a screw-in lens from professional SLR cameras and taken it into the world of family digital camera camcorders.

They’ve included a 8x zoom lens with their MPEG4 digital video camcorder which should let pretty much anybody get the close ups they need no matter the sporting event.

This mini digital camera records onto SD cards in the MPEG 4 format which makes it nice for loading into the computer at a later date. This feature also makes this digital camcorder great for getting goof-ups for YouTube. Why wait till their 21st birthday to embarrass them with video camera footage when you could do it almost immediately.

The zoom lens can be easily screwed in to the front of the camera and taken off when it’s not needed making for easy storage of the zoom camera lens.

And also, this might well be the only digital video camera that can let you pretend to be a pirate with its optical lens. ARRR

Author xlxmarketing 11.12.2008. | 12:27
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