10 Tips to Get the Most From Your Wi-Fi-Only Tablet

Author Lado Jovovic 9.8.2012. | 20:59

Generally tablets with 3G support are more expensive than Wi-Fi-only tablets. Is it worth the price difference?

Check it out what can you do with a Wi-Fi tablet PC without additional data plan.


  1. Tether – Use 3G internet connection through your smartphone
  2. Get a mobile hotspot
  3. Preload magazines and books
  4. Use offline mapping apps
  5. Read it later – save webpages to read them later. Good idea to save as PDF
  6. Use free texting apps like TextPlus or Textfree
  7. Install offline, tablet-optimized games
  8. Share files between devices wirelessly
  9. Find Wi-Fi connection – nowadays it’s not so hard
  10. Use Wi-Fi to make phone calls

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10 Ways to Get the Most From Your Wi-Fi-Only Tablet | PCWorld

Author Lado Jovovic 9.8.2012. | 20:59
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  1. Ina March 31, 05:07

    Good useful info. Thanks

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