Two Keypads Two screens Look Out It’s The Cell Phone ‘Two-Face’

Author xlxmarketing 11.12.2008. | 09:36

It’s the backless unlocked phone Chinavasion might have discovered the cell phone with the identity crisis before but this would have to be the GSM cell phone with two sides.

The touchscreen cell phone with dual SIM dual screen at a glance:


Touchscreen Cell Phone with Dual SIM + Dual Screen [CVSC-236]

  • Who would buy this product: Business people and office workers who need a dual SIM phone that can play dual roles as a MP3 phone and a normal hand phone
  • What eBay keywords can I use: dual sim card , dual SIM phone, dual SIM cell phones, unlocked cell phone, unlocked phones, GSM cell phone, touch screen cell phone, cell phone MP3 player, MP3 phone, triband mobile phone, hand phone, touch screen
  • How much will it cost:$117.50(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

Which mad scientist has been picked up by cell phone wholesale manufacturers these days?

There’s been more than a handful of interesting creations coming out of China. Everything from cell phones that think they’re camcorders, phones that’ll sit on your wrist and dual SIM camera phones that look like they were actually made on the camera manufacturing line.

Gadget lovers definitely don’t need to be worried about finding a dual SIM phone that will let them stand out from the crowd these days.

Wholesale electronics supplier Chinavasion is letting go with its latest creation, an unlocked cell phone that doesn’t only have a dual SIM card and dual standby it’s got two keypads and two screens and both are back-to-back.

The phone, which would not look out of place in Gotham City, has a MP3 phone interface on one side and a more conventional and business-like hand phone on the other side. The phone even has a button to trigger which of the two SIM cards, and ultimately personalities, you want to use.

With the number of dual SIM cell phones on the gradual increase it was only going to be a matter of time before this touchscreen cell phone saw the light of day. But this triband mobile phone looks like it will deliver on some of its promise.

These unlocked phones, which work on GSM frequencies 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz have a cell phone MP3 player that will play most of the common music formats has an 8 band graphic equalizer for optimum sound and have a TV shortcut key to make sure you get your stories onto your phones quick smart.

The other side of the phone is all business with a complete keypad, SIM selection keys and a world clock.

Author xlxmarketing 11.12.2008. | 09:36
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    look good

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