Chinavasion 2008, A Year In Gadget Blogs (July – December)

Author xlxmarketing 7.12.2008. | 23:34

The year for Chinavasion in gadget blogs — Click on the image to see when it popped up in the gadget blogs.

Don’t forget to check out Part 1 of this blog to find out what Chinavasion stories were covered from July to December.


In July, we here at Chinavasion ( found the world’s thinnest MP4 player and the blogging world took a big shine to it as soon as it hit the shelves at Chinavasion ( Bloggers also talked about a Chinavasion HD Camera ( and a GPS blocking system that could stop your employers for keeping tabs on your car.

The super slim and the super economical. July was a month of superlatives for Chinavasion.

In August Chinavasion ( found a wireless dental cam and captured gadget blogs attention. Engadget ( though it was just the thing to save parents from expensive dental degrees while Crave ( thought it would be just the thing to find Chinavasion’s blue tooth tooth.

wireless dental camera

Then in September Chinavasion pipped 3M to the pico projector post by releasing the Chinavasion ( projector phone. The site for Gadget geeks magazine bible T3 (—the-first-projecting-mobile?=36757) and the straight down the line geek alerts ( discovered it first with many of the blogs catching up later.

That wasn’t the only phone that made it onto the blog sphere radar in September with the Chinavasion ( put out the DVB-T TV phone It might have been the optical zoom, it might have been the DVB-T tuner but Geek alerts ( thought it was pretty cool.

Geek alerts ( were also amongst those who thought the Chinavasion spy camera calculator was pretty cool too. In fact many thought it was just right for the office James Bond.


October – December

In October, many of the items from Chinavasion that got attention in the blogs ( might have had a movie influence.

For example, the flexible silicon USB number pad might have attracted Geek alerts ( because of the recent Die Hard 4… or perhaps not.

Then, not much longer after that Geek alerts ( and Gearfuse ( thought the Chinavasion mobile phone watch was very vintage bond.

mobile phone watch

November was a busy month for Chinavasion ( on the blogs, perhaps the busiest, with a number of our gadgets making the gadget blogs. There was the Chinavasion webcam ( with fan (built especially for that windswept webcam girl look) the Christmas decoration digital photo frame as found by 7 Gadgets (; the watch phone ( and the very heavy metal LED Light Belt Buckle – Punk Skull Design; as found by Boing Boing (, Geek Alerts ( and Engadget (


It might be the wrong religious symbol for the season, but in December Nerd Approved ( put the stamp of approval on our MP3 player Buddha necklace. And it might also be the wrong time of the year for Barbecues (in the northern hemisphere at least) but Envirogadget ( thought the outdoor patio LED lights were just the thing they needed.

MP3 player buddha necklace



Author xlxmarketing 7.12.2008. | 23:34
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