Chinavasion 2008, A Year In Gadget Blogs (January – June)

Author xlxmarketing 6.12.2008. | 21:08

The year for Chinavasion in gadget blogs — Click on the image to see when it popped up in the gadget blogs.

Doesn’t fly when you’re up to your elbows in work?

It seems like only yesterday when we were saying goodbye to 2007 and looking forward to 2008 with glee. 2008 was to be the year that several countries would finally get rid of dead wood have a change in leadership, the Olympics and Paralympics would be held and we’d get more gadgets. Yaay.

Well, looking back all of those goals have been achieved we got lots more solar gadgets saw the release of the new iPhone and Google Android and saw some great mash-ups from Chinese electronics like Chinavasion.

Here’s how we saw the year:

January – March

Sometimes it takes a while for gadgets to hit the blog sphere, even if they’ve got some nice innovative features. That was the case for the Solar Powered MP4 ( Sure it used the sun for energy, sure it could power other gadgets but there wasn’t anything about this environmentally-friendly Chinavasion ( player till didn’t get any blog attention.

Something else that didn’t hit its stride till January was the cassette MP3 player ( from the Chinavasion MP3 line ( was another popular perennial which took a while for everyone to catch on to.

One thing the gadget blogs didn’t mess around with though was the dental mouth cam ( this health and personal hygiene gadget interested people so much that Gizmodo went to the trouble of putting together a poem about it.

MP4 Watches broke out onto the scene in 2007 and have been overtaken a little by the cell phone watch but that hasn’t stopped some from making waves, like the gold MP4 watch (

intraoral camera

Here are some of the Chinavasion ( gadgets that hit the headlines in January

February was a little slow, which is not surprising considering that most of China was off on the 2008 Spring Festival break (and what a cold one it was this year) but the blogs ( did manage to find the Chinavasion voice changing telephone. The perfect tool for students wanting to skip school or people wanting to avoid unwanted bills everywhere.

voice changing telephone

Finally, a phone to reduce telemarketers to the point of babbling incoherence!

When March rolled round this year the Chinavasion ( 8GB MP4 watch ( and wireless flexible keyboard got a lot of attention, perhaps for the same reason… it attracted the same type of people.


April – June

Ahh April 1st. The day of April Fools ( and fake product releases, when the entire internet takes a day to do what The Onion ( does all year.

This year Chinavasion got into the action ( with the bluetooth tooth (AKA when puns attack). It’s interesting to note that somebody thought it wasn’t such a bad idea ( after all.

Our first wrist phone, the super cool wrist watch hit the market in April, (April first to be exact) and after the bluetooth tooth some blogs might have been wary of picking it up. But geeky gadgets ( were one of the first ones to find it on April 7.

It must have been portability month at Chinavasion ( because not long after the watch phone came out the Portable Wii screen, which turned the Wii from an at-home device to a go-anywhere gaming system.

wii screen

Here at Chinavasion ( we were busy launching our cell phone category in May, but that didn’t stop CNet ( from taking a look at our DVD visor.

Gadget Geek ( amongst others, took a look at one of our touchscreen MP4 players in June.

Don’t forget to check out Part 2 of this blog to find out what Chinavasion stories were covered from July to December.

audio codec

Author xlxmarketing 6.12.2008. | 21:08
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