What is Dual Zone?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.7.2012. | 20:49

This question may cross your mind when the time has come to replace your old or too simple stock car stereo with a top of the line, fully featured car entertainment system.

The very simple answer is that the dual zone function allows one to use 2 different functions at the same time. In fact for dual zone there are two different explanations. Both of them are correct, however the first one is outdated. Due to the continuous development of the car dvd systems, the meaning of the dual zone function was changed.


In the early age of the car entertainment systems, when the first GPS car dvd players appeared, only one function could be used at a time. Just imagine a long trip listening only to the monotone voice guide of the GPS navigation. Yeah, it’s quite annoying. Then the players were upgraded with a new feature called “dual zone” or “dual function” allowing people to listen to music while using the GPS navigation.

Later, as better and more powerful car dvd players appeared on the market, the actual meaning of dual zone function changed a bit. Nowadays a dual zone car dvd player describes a system which can produce two different entertainment zones. The driver and the passengers can enjoy different AV sources at the same time. On the front zone (head unit) the driver can use GPS navigation, TV, FM radio, etc, while in the rear zone, on headrest monitors the passengers can watch DVD movie. Consider this common scenario: Mom and Dad are in the front seats listening to their music or the voice commands from the GPS unit, and the two kids are in the back seats watching and listening to Shrek. Sound good, right?

Generally, for someone to take advantage of a dual-zone system they have to use headphones.  Most headrests include headphones connection for exactly this reason. Additionally, even the largest vehicles are not large enough to separate competing audio systems so in a basic dual zone system.  The primary zone makes use of the control panel while the secondary zone is relatively limited (meaning that it’s hard connected to one source, usually DVDs).

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.7.2012. | 20:49
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