Troubleshooting Advice for Customers with Accessory Issues

Author xlxmarketing 16.7.2012. | 17:25

Customers: save shipping freight – check if it’s just a faulty accessory before returning a whole product box to Chinavasion.

Chinavasion provides 12 month product warranty on all products, meaning whenever a faulty case happens, you can contact our customer support for RMA return. But wait, before returning a product to China, please check whether it’s in fact only a faulty accessory, instead of the whole product. Sending only an accessory back to China will save you money and time.

Here our customer support team provides some practical advice for checking whether each of your accessories is working. You can use these to provide detailed information when contacting our customer support for a faulty case.

Battery (phone)
To check if the battery works,

  • Please make sure the battery is fully charged and press and hold the power button for 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Please test it with the second battery.
  • connect to charger and check if the battery indicates charging?

Charger (phone)

  • Connect to power and check if the indicator LED lights up on the charger.
  • Also try to charge the device with USB cable from a computer’s USB port.

USB cable (phone)

  • Please try it with other USB cable. Check if the computer recognizes the device.

Remote control

  • Please make sure that you removed the small protection foil from the battery.
  • Please check it with new battery.
  • Additionally you can check your remote control following advice in this article


  • Please try it with other device.

Car charger

  • Check if it charges with wall charger or USB cable via computer.

GPS Antenna

  • Make sure that the GPS antenna is connected properly and it is not shielded. The device requires clear open sky for best reception. If possible please try it with other antenna.
  • Make sure that the signal reception is good. Please test it at a different location.

Digital TV antenna

  • Make sure you select the right area zone first and then search the TV channels automatically.
  • Some products support either DVB-T or ISDB digital TV standard, which is not used worldwide. Please check to see if DVB-T/ISDB will work in your region.
  • Make sure that the signal reception is good. Please test it at a different location.

SD card

  • Please format it and test it with other device.

Car DVD wiring

  • Make sure all power cables are connected correctly. (ACC & BATT+ are connected to +12V; GND is connected to ground (-).)
  • Check the fuse at the back of the unit. If it has blown, replace it with another fuse of the same type then connect power again.
  • If the fuse is in good condition, check with a multi-meter to confirm the voltage is a steady DC +12V.

In addition, you can take photos/videos if there are any visible faults to provide more information. And as always, if you have any question, contact our customer support team at

Author xlxmarketing 16.7.2012. | 17:25
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  1. Hestrie September 4, 17:23

    I bought 2 tablets Android from you but the one adopter is not charging at all.

  2. Shirley September 5, 13:11

    Hi we will contact you in 24 hours to solve

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