Analog And Digital TV Tuner Puts DVB Onto PC, TV And Car DVD Screens

Author xlxmarketing 27.11.2008. | 22:53

The analog digital TV changeover has caused asphyxiations for anybody wathching TV at home or a car DVD, this might be a solution. A analog and digital TV tuner.

The analog and digital TV tuner at a glance:


Analog + Digital TV Tuner – Car, Home or PC Use [CVSEG-A4100]

  • Who would buy this product: People in Europe and Asia who want to get digital TV into their homes and/or cars without replacing all of their hardware.
  • What eBay keywords can I use: digital tv on pc, tv on pc, usb tv tuner, car tv tuner, pc tv tuner, external tv tuner, tv tuner, laptop tv tuner, digital tv tuner, digital tv tuners, car dvd, pc tv, car tv, digital tv, digital tv converter, card tuner tv, digital tv channels, dvb t, dvb, dvb s, dvb t usb, home theater pc
  • How much will it cost: US$59.63(Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

The broadcast world is on the edge of the final analog to digital TV changeover. Governments and broadcasters may have toyed with digital TV channels and broadcasts for the last five years but now they’re putting their collective feet down. Analog TV must go.

There is many a PC TV tuner that will put Digital TV on the PC. Hell there’s even the occasional external TV tuner and digital TV converter that will let you watch digital TV on older sets. But there’s not many a car digital TV tuner out there to get the new digital TV signals to your car TV.

Wholesale electronics distributor Chinavasion have come up with a one-size fits all solution (well for PS, TVs and car DVDs in DVB-T and DVB-S regions anyway).

The analog and digital TV tuner is a box that you can plug into your computer, television or car DVD player through a USB cable or RCA inputs. It will work as a TV tuner, PC TV tuner, car digital TV tuner and laptop TV tuner without much effort.

These digital TV tuners are fairly small, and pretty much a plug-in-and-play device which makes them good as digital TV tuners and with them receiving analog signals as well making it a pretty good car TV tuner. this definitely would have to be a good USB TV tuner option for the home theater PC, especially if you have already set up programs to record TV on the PC, even if you don’t want to get DVB-T through the USB.

Author xlxmarketing 27.11.2008. | 22:53
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  1. jim December 10, 01:31


  2. Carlois December 14, 11:46

    can this replace a dreambox? and how does it compare to the dreambox?

  3. MARK July 16, 02:39

    I am wondering if u have a product which converts TV in vehicles such as Range Rovers and Bmw x5 (for example) to digital TV please can you email me your product and costs etc

  4. Adrian August 4, 15:37

    Hi Mark,

    Please check out:

    We do stock the kind of item you’re after!

    Thanks for the contact.

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