New Tri Band Waterproof Phone, ‘Aquaman Approved’

Author xlxmarketing 24.11.2008. | 21:52

Aquaman and Tim the toolman Taylor would love this. The tri band waterproof phone. Here’s a phone that’ll take the knocks, can handle its drink and can go almost anywhere in the world.

The waterproof tri band multimedia touchscreen cell phone at a glance:


Waterproof Tri Band Multimedia Touchscreen Cell Phone [CVSED-A3809]

  • Who would buy this product: Contractors, boating fans, parents of younger children, people who spend a lot of time in the great outdoors and people with butter fingers
  • What eBay keywords can I use: waterproof phone, waterproof cell phones, waterproof cell phone, waterproof phones, waterproof cases, tri band phone, tri band, unlocked phone quad band, mobile phone, unlocked gsm phone
  • How much will it cost:$104.78

Who hasn’t dropped their phone at least once when they’re out and about? It happens to the best of us, action junkies, trades people and contractors alike are just as guilty of letting their mobile phone taking a tumble.

Unfortunately even the roughest, toughest unlocked GSM phone is going to have trouble with a puddle, or heaven forbid, something deeper like a jug or a sink.

Here’s a wholesale phone that doesn’t mind a little bit of wet. The waterproof tri band multimedia touchscreen cell phone will operate soaking wet. You could say that this waterproof cell phone would even be perfect for the scuba diving executive on the go (either that or yuppie Aquaman).

This unlocked phone is tri band so no matter where Aquaman (or the contractor that works in wet conditions) is he should get a decent signal, even through the waterproof cases.

The innards are packed tight but they’ve managed to make room for two SIM card slots, an MP4 player, MP3 player, WAP browser and camera inside the waterproof phone cases.

Picture provided by Logan Zawacki at Flickr.

While Aquaman might not have to worry about using this tri band phone these waterproof cell phones are going to be a contractor/tradespersons dream and would even be appreciated by anyone with small children. These waterproof phones are definitely the GSM phone that fans of the outdoors should take with them on their next adventure.

Just a note though, this tri phone is waterproof. We are not sure how well it would keep alcohol out.

Author xlxmarketing 24.11.2008. | 21:52
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  1. Peter January 20, 02:48

    you going .to sell this phone or not,always unavailable

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