New Unlocked Phone With 3 Inch Screen A Splash Of Color

Author xlxmarketing 19.11.2008. | 18:21

Who said entry-level cell phones had to look dull or lose screen size? Here’s a sub US$100 unlocked phone that brings a splash of color with its 3-inch screen.

The beautiful 3 inch touch screen cell phone at a glance:

beautiful 30 inch touch screen cell phone unlocked bluetooth

Beautiful 3.0 Inch Touch Screen Cell Phone – Unlocked Bluetooth [CVSDR-10300]

  • Who would buy this product: People who like to listen to music, people who lose cell phones (Europe and Asia only)
  • What eBay keywords can I use: cell phone, unlocked phone, music phone, gsm cell phone, multimedia mobile, block phone
  • How much will it cost:$71.88 (Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

Portable multimedia fans (people who like tuning out of life’s problems and drudgery by tuning onto their music with a music phone when they’re on the bus) aren’t the most blessed people in the world. If they want to use a cell phone to listen to their music and don’t want to pay the earth (perhaps due to an habit of losing cell phones) then the GSM cell phone is going to be black or grey and come with a screen that’s less than ideal to look at.

This is an unlocked phone that has a great deal of style to go with its sub-US$100 price. The wholesale manufacturers have been able to throw in hot pink highlights, a thin profile and a fairly sharp touchscreen interface into the block phone which can hold a whole lot of media and dual SIM cards. Not bad for an entry level dual band cell phone.

Certainly if you were looking to buy unlocked cell phones to start a mobile phone business then this certainly could be contender.

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Author xlxmarketing 19.11.2008. | 18:21
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  1. darren November 20, 17:20

    china phone is good…currently i using it

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