His N Her Unlocked Watch Phones Get A Dash Of Style

Author xlxmarketing 15.11.2008. | 20:39


Watch phones are no longer just for geeky boys, wholesale electronics manufacturers have given girls their very own 'early adopter' symbol too.

The triband cellphone watch at a glance:

  • Who would buy this product: Geek couples who want to accessorize. People who want the convenience of a watch phone with dual SIM cards

  • What eBay keywords can I use: watch phone, mobile watch phone, wrist phone, cell phone watch, tri band phone, ladies watch, ladies phone, watch mobile phone, cellphone watch, cell phone,  unlocked gsm phone, unlocked cell phone

  • How much will it cost:$168.00 (Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

So you want to be one of the early adaptors to pick up a mobile watch phone, you're female and you don't want a watch mobile phone that's a  boring black or yawn-inducing silver. Basically you want a ladies phone which would work as a ladies watch and give you some serious geek cred.

Unless you were handy with a paintbrush that dream was going to be dashed until very recently when some wholesale electronic makers put two and two and figured out that not all star trek fans were boys.

Some wholesale cell phone companies have come to the rescue with their pink wrist phone and black watch phone. Two pieces of technology which should guarantee your bleeding-edge credibility while allowing you to keep your femininity (or masculinity as it were).

These cellphone watch models are no slouch when it comes to the cellular phone department hiding two GSM SIM cards in their interior. They are tri band phones which means that the unlocked GSM phone should work in most places around the world and the touchscreen interface is pretty sweet to deal with.

The cell phone watch has a fairly decent screen and speaker system too meaning that it's fairly pleasant to watch videos on phone. Chinavasion has thrown in a bluetooth headset to the package with the unlocked cell phone making it a pretty good deal overall.

This would certainly be a great watch phone model to stock if you were trying to start a mobile phone business.

Author xlxmarketing 15.11.2008. | 20:39
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