Chocolate Or Mint? Here’s The Tastiest Way To Stop Smoking

Author xlxmarketing 10.11.2008. | 18:36

Yes it’s difficult to stop smoking and there are many ways to quit smoking but the best way to quit smoking might be to stick something tasty into your mouth. Not gum and not chocolate bars but something that tastes just as good.

The e cigarette refill packs at a glance:

e cigarette refill pack

E-Cigarette Refill Pack – 20 Mint Cartridges [CVSAC-2905]

E-Cigarette Refill Pack – 20 Chocolate Cartridges [CVSAC-2904]

  • Who would buy these products: People who want to give up smoking, people who like to smoke in night clubs and bars but cannot due to a smoking ban
  • What eBay keywords can I use: how to quit smoking, stop smoking, help quit smoking, quit smoking cigarette, smoking cessation, E cigarette, electronic smoking, electronic cigarette, e-cigarettes, e-cigarette
  • How much will they cost: $6.88 (mint) $6.88 (chocolate)(Items will cost less if more products are ordered)

Having an addiction to a narcotic of some kind is often likened to having a monkey on your back. Although what makes primates worse than some other type of animal is anybody’s guess. When trying to quit smoking cigarettes you’re not just battling one monkey you’re battling two, the habit of lighting and inhaling and the addiction to nicotine.

Gum and patches may have been a temporarily help quit smoking but probably wouldn’t have helped with the habit. Many people often wish that there was a gadget to help quit smoking.

Wholesale electronic manufacturers may have come up with a solution for those who want to stop smoking. The e cigarette and the new chocolate refill cartridges and mint refill cartridges, an electronic smoking solution that doesn’t only replace normal cigarettes it replaces flavored cigarettes as well. Who would have thought a wholesale e cigarette could be so tasty.

What better to stick a flavored cartridge into then the e-cigarette anti smoking aid with premium edition packaging It even comes with it’s own cigarette case.

The electronic cigarette flavored cartridges come in packs of 20 with varying strengths and each cartridge will last for the equivalent of a pack of 20 smokes making the smoking cessation processing fairly easy. And if you’re battling a smoking ban in your entertainment and recreational areas these e cigarettes could prove to be an smoking alternative too.

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Author xlxmarketing 10.11.2008. | 18:36
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