Great Spy Gear, The Cell Phone Spy Camera

Author xlxmarketing 6.11.2008. | 15:26

Keep up to date with exactly what's going on in your home or office without letting anybody else know what's going on with this cool cell phone spy camera.

The cellphone spy camera at a glance:

Cellphone Spy Camera – Wireless Covert Surveillance [CVSDK-8797]

  • Who would buy this product: Employers, people carrying out a private investigation anybody whose appliances keep ending up in jelly.

  • What eBay keywords can I use: wireless spy camera, spy camera, mini spy camera, digital spy camera, hidden security camera, wireless camera, hidden security cameras, wireless video camera, spy gear, spy phone, spy stuff, spy surveillance, wireless video, nanny cameras, covert cameras, surveillance, video surveillance systems

Spy cameras hidden in furniture and spy gadgets concealed as everyday devices have become part of the general lexicon of TV shows about spies and police everywhere. Hidden security cameras are also used heavily by employers and private investigators who are either trying to protect their business through spy surveillance or catch someone in the act of doing something nasty.

But there's a problem in that once the mini spy camera is positioned it's usually very hard to re-angle the wireless spy camera to better help with surveillance without damaging the surroundings or raising someone's attention that there may just be a spy video camera nearby. After all how useful are nanny cameras disguised as a teddy bear really if your nanny has worked out that you've shifted the teddy four times in the last month and junior is still not allowed to play with it.

It looks like the Chinese wholesale electronics manufactures of spy gear have been thinking about a solution to this problem and have come up with a casing which could probably have an excuse to be left anywhere. The Cellphone Spy Camera has the hidden security camera disguised as a flip cell phone with the wireless video signal being sent to a multi-channel receiver which can pick up transmissions from up to 12 covert cameras 10 meters away.

While it wouldn't pay for you to leave the spy camera in too blatant a position (The games going to be given away when someone tries to open the spy phone) this digital spy camera is certainly one of the better disguised wireless video cameras on the market today and one of the better pieces of spy equipment you'll see online.

Author xlxmarketing 6.11.2008. | 15:26
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  1. zinios November 7, 04:23

    I would never believe in, if not this video. Wow.

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