Unlocked Phones That Have It All, SNES, Qwerty And Touchscreen Interfaces

Author xlxmarketing 6.11.2008. | 14:49

Qwerty Keyboards, A Touchscreen Interface And SNES and NES Emulators. Who said you couldn’t jam everything into an entry-level PDA

The touchscreen media cell phone at a glance:

touchscreen media cell phone full keyboard dual sim

Touchscreen Media Cell Phone – Full Keyboard + Dual SIM [CVSDW-9802]

  • Who would buy this product: People in Europe and Asia who want an entry-level PDA capable of carrying out basic connectivity and entertainment functions.
  • What eBay keywords can I use: cell phone cell phone game, PDA, smartphone, PDA keyboard, unlocked cell phone, cell phone, pda cell phones, pocket pc, super Nintendo
  • How much will it cost: $134.00 (Item will cost less if more products are ordered)

The cell phone brands and PDA makers, they quarreled over which interface was better. For The Blackberry did use a shriven Qwerty keyboard and the iPhone saidth people like touchscreen. Then there was one wholesale cellphone maker who said. Why not have both, and why not throw in a NES and SNES emulator while you’re at it?

Casual users are covered, as are people looking for more WAP functions like the ability to write MMS, SMS and emails on their PDA cell phone at great speed thanks to the PDA keyboard.

Gamers who like their PDA phones to come with a little something extra are also covered with the phone’s ability to play NES and SNES games. That plus the usual swag of productivity features and bluetooth profiles which will let you hook up to all eight major bluetooth mobile phone services.

Author xlxmarketing 6.11.2008. | 14:49
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  1. ohidul November 12, 10:02

    Can i use this phone for u.s.a.

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