Chinese New Year 2012: Year of Dragon

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Chinese New Year is also known as “Spring Festival” in Chinese. Similar to how Christmas is important to western culture; the Chinese New Year is THE most important period in Chinese calendar. For it marks the end of winter, and signals the beginning of a new lunar year.Chinese people starts to clear out all the old dust around the house in hopes of getting rid of misfortunes and bad luck of the past year and welcoming good luck and happiness. It is also the time for Chinese family to gather for their reunion celebration.

2012 dragon New Year

The traditional spring festival is a 15 days celebration that starts from the first day of new lunar year, and ends with “lantern festival” day on the 15th. Chinese New Year 2012 marks the beginning of the year of “Dragon”, which symbolize prosperity, wisdom and power. According to Chinese astrology, people who are born in the year of dragon are smart, self-motivated, and independent. They are unafraid of challenges, and willing to take risks, but their passion sometimes will make them feel exhausted.

Because Chinese New Year is also a consecutive 9 days of public holiday, Chinavasion Shenzhen office will be closed from January 22nd to January 30th. Please note the following important dates for your order process and delivery:

(EST) 12 PM 16th January: This is the final cut off time for all normal order processing and delivery. Any order placed pass this cut off time cannot be guaranteed.

17th January to 30th January: Chinavasion can only provide partial services for certain couriers and class of orders. Please expect a delay in order processing and delivery. However, our customer enquiries can still function through this period.

31st January to 7th February: Our Shenzhen office is fully operational with all staff back to work. However we will need some time to clear the backlog orders.

7th February: All things back to normal, and Happy 2012.

Please read the this article for more details on our Chinese New Year arrangement.

Author xlxmarketing 4.1.2012. | 17:10
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