New Credit Card Payment Method Now Available for Chinavasion Customers

Author xlxmarketing 21.12.2011. | 13:48 was the first ever China-direct ecommerce store (back in
2005) to start accepting orders with the international payment solution Paypal.

But what if you don’t want to use Paypal or don’t have a Paypal account?

We’ve now extended our partnership with Paypal to offer a new secure
direct credit card
payment solution
in the checkout
process. Using the new "Credit Card" option will enable you to charge your Visa
or Mastercard directly, without having to login to Paypal or create an account
with them. The secure payment processing is still handled reliably by the Paypal
servers, so none of your payment detail is being shared with Chinavasion or any
other parties.

Look for the new payment option in the secure Chinavasion checkout!

Chinavasion is one of the first companies in the Asia Pacific region to offer
this easy payment option to international wholesale buyers. See below for more
notes and let us know any

Credit Card Checkout Instructions

»To see a short help video about how to select the Credit Card
payment option in the Chinavasion checkout, click on this link:


The third box in the checkout shows you the currently selected payment method.

Click the red link to open a popup to change to Credit Card

After you select this option, click ‘Place Your Order’ to go to the payment
process in the secure Paypal website.

Your payment will be processed securely by Paypal.
Your card details are not sent to Chinavasion or seen by our staff.

Even using the Credit Card payment method, all refund /
cancellation requests, or payment queries can still be handled via Chinavasion
customer support.

The new direct credit card payment method is available for all registered
Chinavasion customers located in countries that have PayPal operations. You don’t need to be a PayPal user,
as long as PayPal is operating in your country you will be able to use your credit card for your orders,
up to specific order size limits which are set by our in-house anti-fraud team.
If you cannot see the Credit Card option in your checkout due to
a maximum payment limit, choose a different payment method for larger orders, or
split your order into several smaller shipments.

Author xlxmarketing 21.12.2011. | 13:48
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  1. Christopher Quayson Otoo December 22, 23:45

    Thanks for ur response but now we are i new business and we have not done internation business before so now am the owner of the company i would love to travel to see your factory and offices,
    now the security industry in Ghana is a major business and we aim to break the market here with new innovotion of technology and we think we can only achieve this by partnering a world class company like urs
    we would like to work with your outfit pls tell us what you think.
    Chrisdollar is a newly establish business
    thanks and hope to hear from you soon

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